Chapter Nine

“Sawubona Baba”

“Who is this boy?” my dad’s anger is slowing loading.

“It’s Nthabiseng’s brother Tata, he was dropping off breakfast for us before he heads to work.”

“Oh, I nearly had a fright.” I welcomed in my parents and laid the tray down and started serving tea. Cy was on the couch looking scared for his life.

“So uhm, I have to go”

“Not a problem. Cy, I’ll let you sister know you came, see you later.” He said goodbye to my parents and left.

“So, when are we seeing Nthabiseng?”

“She promised to be here around lunchtime, is the tea okay mama?”

“It’s a bit bitter but I know here in the city you buy tea bags, so I can’t expect quality.”

“I’m sorry mama, we will look for a tea shop later today and we can get quality. Tata, I missed you, how’s everything eKhaya” I love being a daddy’s girl, I get special preferences and I’m spoiled.

“Kulungile ntombi yami, we miss you especially your cousin uSindiswa, you have to come home and visit we must start looking for a husband.”

“Tata!” he annoys me whenever we get into courtship matters. Well, that’s the downfall from being born into royalty. I was about to say something, but my mom got ahead

“Baba, don’t you think we should give our daughter a chance of being independent and build herself before marriage because she still needs to learn how to cook” she laughs after saying that.

“I can cook Ma; besides you will live longer to teach me how to cook ukudla kwesintu and my children.”

My dad checks his watch. Which means he is waiting for something or he is leaving.

“Tata, how about you give me the bank card and let’s meet back here at 3pm so you can meet Nthabiseng and we will go for a late lunch.”

“Yazi nina boMame ne mali.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He kissed my mother and left.

“Mama there is a place eTown that has your name written all over the curtains.”

“What are we still doing here Noma asambe.’


We found an Indian tea shop that sells authentic teas and my mom was in awe of it, she even convinced the tea makers to deliver two boxes to me and three to her directly, she is that bossy and gets it all. I don’t want to say much about the curtain shop because that became such a mess we had to call two cars to load all the new silk and Egyptian Cotton curtains, I don’t know when she is going to show off the curtains to all the wives back home, but I know she will. That’s my mother for you. I called my dad and Nthabiseng to let them know we on our way back home.


“So Nthabi, I didn’t know you had an attractive young brother and he is Xhosa”

“I do!!?”

“Yes Cy, we met him this morning when we arrived this morning”

“oh, Cyprian he is my cousin actually, but I call him my brother, he went to the same school as Noma” I choked on the orange juice and looked at my father. My mom was impressed by this new discovery.

“is he Cyprian Dludlu?” My dad asking curiously.

“Ewe Tata Nguye.”

“Well, he was going to be my in-law however my princess knows better than she needs to find a royal, blood and not ordinary person” here he goes about marrying royalty, I decided to shut him down.


“I don’t think it’s a bad thing marrying a commoner, besides no-one has had bad luck with being with a commoner, those relationships are genuine and not arranged, have a successful rate in long time, for example take Letta Mbuli & Caphius Semenya those two are still together and they not royalty or arranged” My dad was taken aback by what I said

“Our Daughter has a point Baba, however, I understand amasiko ethu say another.  Enough about marriage, baby girl you still needs to learn about independence, Nthabi, how is our girl as your roommate, is she neat and tidy?”

“Your daughter is a delight, I’m messy because I bring work home all the time and hardly get the sleep but when I do, she still makes sure everything is organized for me.” I smiled, I never thought I’d hear such coming from Nthabiseng. She is normally the rough ball and I’m delicate naïve plazi girl. My parents smiled at me.


The waiter came to our table and informed me that I’m being requested to the manager’s office, we were all surprised

“What is this about?”

“Mam, the manager has requested you, I believe it’s regarding your job application” But I don’t remember applying here. Well I assured my parents maybe they are informing me that I have a job nothing major, I’ll be back

I was escorted to the office at the back and It seems that I interrupted a meeting.

“Sir, Noma is here”

“Oh, there is my sweetheart gents, MaSonto I didn’t know you brought your parents over for lunch, you should have told me that, I would go to a different lunch place” Wow it’s Superman in the flesh, I didn’t think I’d seem him again.

“Hawu Baba, I mean they showed up to my place this morning unexpectedly, tried calling you but you reminded me that you’ll be busy the whole afternoon” I greeted his business colleagues, he then introduced me to them individually.

“So, Mike, my in-laws are eating for free, they are not paying this time”

“Yes, anything for you and the lovely Nomasonto.”

“Gentlemen, I need to leave before I bump into my future father in law and I need to speak to speak to Noma quickly, thanks” we left through the back exit.

“So, what was that about and Hi Sean”

“Can’t explain yet, will you have dinner with me in about four hours, I’ll have a car pick you up and wear a long dress look amazing and play along will you, you will save me a lot if you do. Besides, you owe me a favour after I saved you” Is this a date or am I a call girl? This guy.

“Well Sir, I don’t have the cash for new clothes so how will I find a new dress?” he handed me his card and wrote down the pin on my arm.

“I can’t stay long, but I’ll call you.” He proceeded to enter the car.

“How do you know my number?”

“I tore up your CV that you left at one of my friend’s business place. Bye”



“Sean, please don’t forget our babies are coming to town end of the week”

“How long are they staying?”

“Two weeks then they are going their separate ways until they need to go back in June”

“Maybe I can take uSizwe for my business trip then you and Lihle can have quality time”

“I was thinking of having a family weekend away”

“I think not. We don’t need to fool the kids, we just need to fool the world”

“Sean, I’m trying to save the little we have. Why can’t you work with me?”

“Angel, baby it’s life.”

“Sean, I have never done you wrong but you, you fuck around and get your hoes pregnant and I clean up your mess” he starts taking his keys.

“Don’t wait up”


Then I’ll get a call from Thandiswa (his assistant) telling me where Sean is and if he is coming back. I’m tired of Sean and this routine it’s draining me. But that’s what some politician wives go through, the marriage is a smoking mirror and you as a woman don’t want to let go because it will look bad on the woman, not the man, you become a walking joke in the eyes of people. Some wives in the party are part of groups and some share what they have gone through, I remember when Thulisile came to one of our gatherings in tears, she was so destroyed that her husband had another wife, life and children. I remembered what my mother said after I found Sean in bed with some whore, “Ntombintana yami Vala ihlazo ungaliveze ngoba ibonisa ukuthi umuzi wakho awukwazi ukuwophata.” Hence, I’m the one when Lerato came to my house with the intention to break my marriage, I sorted it. When the journalist Lindiwe came snooping for information I sorted that too. Every Sep the 22nd we renew our wedding vows and every year Sean tells the same lie, “I will honour, respect and love you” I look for that those vows in days like this, however now that I have been given an opportunity to become a threat to him and his career, it pleases me, a scornful woman’s revenge can be the deadliest. My phone rang and I saw it was Zee.


“Darling, yes it’s you”

“Darling where are you, we are meeting for lunch”

“Just running late, our usual spot?”

“Yes.” I got dressed and headed to Houghton.


“So, we need to talk.”

“Yes. Because I also have questions” “How hungry are you for this revenge”

“I’m not looking for vengeance, this has nothing to do with anything personal, it’s about me and showing that I have what it takes to run a country. I’m way qualified then, Sean”

“But you are willing to destroy your marriage for a title ship?”

“President of this country isn’t just a title, besides it’s up to him when I become president does he join me or pack his stuff and leave. It’s simple”

“I know that you guys were in some arguments but I didn’t think it would be this tense, you have guts to do this and I fully admire you”

“So, friend tell me, boJamie are they serious about making me head of the party because I don’t want to destroy my life for a couple of millions.”

“From what I am hearing, everything is set in place for you, you just need to deliver, just don’t forget me when you call the shots baby’’

“I could never, a toast to us women who are making their dreams a reality”


“I noticed you didn’t sleep here izolo, where you out and about with someone, I should know of?” “Sean, I decided to go to my apartment after I had a late supper with Zee, Plus I thought you need to enjoy your house without the fighting”


“Unlike you, I honour my vows, even though now they mean dust to you. I don’t want to fight, the kids will be here in the next two hours, so I need to cook.”

“Angelique, baby do you still love me?”

“is that a trick question?”

“You don’t touch me, you don’t look at me”

“How am I supposed to sleep with a man who sleeps with any skirt, how am I supposed to look at a man who has killed me inside and never apologises? How? How?”

“Then why you here?”

“Because I have invested so much in you that I know my rewards will be triple times more, plus you need me, the prenup is still in my favour. You don’t want the elders of the party to look at you and be ashamed.”


“Now allow me to cook food for our family and play along. I’ll sleep on the floor, you can keep the bed.”


He headed to his office with a glass of whiskey, I continued with my Greek three-course meal. I can’t wait to see Lihle and Sizwe, I remember when I adopted Lihle, she was the biggest blessing, after I lost my second child the doctor declared that I have become infertile, Sizwe will remain my first miracle baby. Sizwe studied sports management but now he is studying biochemistry, Lihle is a defence attorney who is now working on her P.H.D in criminology. She has dreams of being a supreme court judge and I’m so glad to see her dream big. My phone went off and I saw it was Jamie.


“Jamie, Hi how are you”

“Hi Angelique, just wanted to check in with you, any progress?”

“Not much but I’ll let you know when something picks up, how is Lizel?”

“She is great thanks.”

“Listen, I’m busy cooking supper but tell Lizel I’ll await her invite for high tea, bye.”

I felt violate push directly up against the fridge door, my head screamed pain.

“What the hell are you doing talking to the enemy team, especially Jamie”

“let go of me you beast.”

“So what are you doing now, sleeping with the enemy?”

“I live with the enemy in my owner house Sean so what’s new?”

“Don’t play with me, you don’t want me to..”

“To hurt me? You’ve done it already, now you’ll be doing it physically”

“Tell me what are you doing with the enemy team”


“Funny only now you take an interest in what I do because I could be a threat to you”

Chapter Seven


“Angie, this is a surprise. I didn’t expect this.”

“Save your excuse little girl, you ignored my call and you knew it’s me”


“Well, since you here and dressed you are ready to come to my private event”

“Event? Uhm I can’t I have to meet up with my friends”

“After the event my dear, I’ll ask Bongani to fetch your car from work after he drops you off at the apartment. But I need to sort out some business before tonight’s event.”

“Angelique what is this about, I mean I don’t have any evidence or files about your husband, remember you made it burn everything.”

“OH, you’ll find out in the next three hours. For now, let’s just enjoy each others company and drink this champagne.”


I don’t know what is going right now and a part of me regrets being part of this woman’s life. It’s great knowing people in high places but it’s hell when they start using you as their puppet. If you are wondering how I got into this mess, it’s simple I was a journalist for the New Era paper working in the politics section. The senior editor of the section Papa Ray gave me a piece to do on Sean, a source brought a file to the headquarters in the report it claimed that the Sean had to merge an illegal gun trading & transportation deal between a group of chiefs from KZN & Eastern Cape. This was at the time he was still the AFNCC youngest chief whip. As a journalist, I knew this was going to be my biggest break that will put me in front of investigative journalism but I might be swimming in shark waters so how do I approach this matter? I went to speak Ntate Ray and find out why me and how.

“Can I come in?’’

“Yes, Lindiwe my daughter, what can I help you with?”

“My assignment, I have questions?”

“I choose you because you have fire, and It needs someone like you who has the spirit of determination”

“But how do I kick off this investigation.”

“What you normally do, but you are now going into dangerous territory so you need to be careful who you talk to, double check your contacts and travel under the radar.”

“I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

“Lindiwe, listen, make sure you don’t have loose ends and whatever you do, do not make your presence felt in Sean’s life. He’ll remove you with no hesitation.” As much as I’m supposed to be scared by that warning, it means nothing to me, I’m fearless and I love exposing corruption and finding the truth. I immediately got home and started making a storyboard and with the information of the file It directed me to Durban, I thought about leaving but I needed to see my friend Tevin who works for the opposition party to see if his cabin is aware of this or not and hear if there is anything on the grapevine.


“Hey Tevin, what’s going on tonight?”

“What a surprise Lindi, nothing much”

“So, can we meet up at Ratz?”

“But kids go there and I’m not looking for a ben 10.”

“Bitch I’m paying.”

“Well then, I’m available to see you then.”





“So, what is this, a social call or a business call?”

“Can’t I get you drunk first then let you know why I brought you here”

“Journalists are the biggest trapstars after fuckboys”

“Who made you bitter baby, are you against guys now?”

“You know that I love men, but hate it when they not serious about life”

“Where is your last pet project?”

“Somewhere hoe-ing in Durban, you know Durban July turns a Johannesburg top to a bottom”

“Anyway, can we talk business after we do two rounds of six shots”

“Four shots!”


After we had lube our throats with eight tequila shots, we proceed to having cocktails.

“So why am I here?”

“Is there anyone in your party who is doing a private investigation into Sean Mbele”

“Sean as in Chief Whip and Angelique’s man?”

“That Sean.”

“Not to my knowledge, I’d like to investigate his d…”

“No talk about that, anyway is there anything about him Buzzing through the vine?”

“Nothing, as the party we are currently looking at the ministers of education and water affairs, it seems there is some fund smuggling going through those departments, we obtained that R12mil was transferred from those departments and was labelled as borrowed funds however when you look at the budget for water affairs they have a surplus.”

“That sounds like a juicy catch of the day but I’m not interested in that. Listen, If, you want that story to be published please give it to Dimakatso, not me, I’m working on a new project.”

“Care to share off the record?”

“What I can say is that, if I nail him well, I’ll be one of the baddest reporters in Mzansi”

“Well keep me in the loop if you can, I love the tea.”


After we were done leaving the club I decided to take a quick detour and I ended up at Zakhele’s house. I hooted in front of the gate a couple of times he came out eventually.

“So, you came here because of what?”

“Boy stop playing even though we broke up, we still fucking.”

“But at your own terms.”

“Are you going to send me away or are you going to show me what your gym body can do to me”


Chapter Six

I had a flashback to my first period, it was on a Saturday morning, I was thirteen and getting ready for choir practice at eleven. Mama was going over to MaDoris to see her vegetable garden and see if she can get any spinach or carrots. I suddenly felt stomach cramps that drove me mad, I don’t know what is going. I went to Mama’s room and cried about pain.

“Mama grobohluku.”

“When did it start?”

“About an hour ago, it started off slow but now Nkari kea duka”

“Drink water and take a Panado then go to bed, I’ll tell Nosihle you can’t go to choir.”

“Mama do you know what’s going on?”

“I don’t know my baby unless you ate something that doesn’t agree with you.”


I tried to eat a sandwich but didn’t muscle it all down, took the pills and went to bed. I felt a gush release from my flower, I thought I might have peed in the bed but once I opened the covers I saw drops of blood on my legs. Oh my God I’m so scared and confused right now am I dying? What is going on? I got up and went to the bathroom took a bath, changed my bedding and went to pray because I don’t want God to punish me I know I haven’t done anything wrong, but the pain continued. Mme won’t be back for until after four, so I’ll just brave this through. I took two more panados and headed back to sleep. I woke up to the sound of pots, I immediately screamed for Mme and she came rushing.


“Mme, blood came out from there and the cramps are still there”

“Oh.” She then smiles.

“Why are you smiling Mme?”

“Congratulations, you started your journey of womanhood” I’m still puzzled by what she is saying.

“It’s your first period.” I was shocked.


And now years later my own daughter is experiencing her first period. I didn’t know how to address this but I trust Kgotlelelo.

“So, do you want to lead this or should I lead.”

“I think you should lead, you wiser.”

“And older. So, what do want to know.”

“is it always going to be this painful?”

“Yes, but giving birth is more painful”

“Am I going to be moody all the time?”

“Not always. And I can’t be a judge of character, we all vary my child, some days you are okay others you can be annoyed with every living and non-living organism however it wouldn’t give you an opportunity to disrespect me after-all I’m your mother.”


I opened my arms and hugged her, I can’t believe it my Kgotlelelo, time flies, I can remember when I found out that I was going to be a mother. It was the seventh month dating Shaun, his political career was slowly building up, so we had to keep our affair hidden, I would only see him when he was traveling to different provinces, his assistant Selena would book our accommodation at the same hotel but different names and rooms. I was two months already but not showing so I was planning to spend the night as a dirty mistress the following day announce it to him.




It was Friday night and I was stuck at the Dawsons Game & Trout Lodge waiting for him to come back from a conference it seemed he was going to be late. I went to the pharmacy because I wanted to get a pregnancy test for evidence. I got the test and it was still positive, I was pleased. I tried waiting up for, but I fell asleep. In the morning when I woke up I find Sean not looking pleased.


“How far?”

“Morning, how far ini?” he shows the pregnancy test, oh shit.

“Two months’’

“How long have you known?”

“3 weeks so far because of morning sickness”

“Why are you careless Lerato, I mean you know very well we can’t have a kid, I’m with Angelique.”

“Excuse me, I am careless but you the one talking about skin to skin”

“Yes, but you on morning pills, so it means either you stopped, or they don’t work”

“Wow Sean you so unbelievable”

“I assume you keeping it since you need my money”

“Your money? Your money who are talking to?”

“I fly you all over where I go, I funded your catering business, I got you, clients, I paid off your loans, it’s me your provider I’m talking, and you thought you could trap me with a kid.” I slapped him during my anger, he thinks he owns me.

“If you choose to keep the baby, know the following by the time you start showing we are done, number two I’ll be sending R3K every month for the baby only, you will not communicate with me if you need anything.”

“So that’s it, Sean, I was just a sex toy” His assistant knocked on the door to remind him he has less than an hour before leaving.

“Now come to the shower and get me cleaned before I have to spend a day with older men and their egos”


I felt dirty when he left, I felt empty and soulless there a passage I read by Efuru Kayiise where she mentions “The sunflowers her favourite flower wasn’t bright and did not fill her with happiness and hope” I believed he was my hero, he took me from a dark place in my life where I thought nothing good could happen and opened doors but now I feel like I was taken on a joyride and it’s over. I never thought of myself as just a side chick, I really thought we had something special, but he just proved me.


I decided to call my mother because I needed her.

“Mama, ubatla grong’tlala”

“Remember when I used to play as we lay ya Kelly Price during Sundays after Jerry leaves”

“Yes, I do, you used to play the volume loud and sing over it.”

“Jerry was a married man who had me has his girlfriend but that I knew that he’ll never be mine, but he is mine for night and during that time he makes me happy.”


God will not give you another woman’s husband.





Chapter Five

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher

It’s been a week since the incident has happened and I just can’t get Sean out of my mind. I should have given him my number or my address but I guess he is not into girls from clubs, however, I owe him one. This week hasn’t been interesting, job hunting is not easy especially as a beautician. I sent & dropped off eight CVs and I’ll have to wait for a response within 21 working days. Nthabi is always at work which leaves me to be bored but she has decided to hook me with her friends who are in my similar scenario and they take me around the city and we chill together, which is great. Every weekend is a party we make it an effort to go out and have fun and tonight is no exception.
“So, ladies with this R7K we are aware that we are buying bottles only and maybe two or three trays of shots,” Nthabi says this whilst checking her phone to see if we have VIP access.
“Definitely” Dimakatso is so excited.
“Then who is responsible for safety and security” I nominated myself because I wasn’t ready to drink and seduce guys after what happened with Thembalihle I want to keep it safe.
“Noma are you sure?”
“Yeah, besides kumele nginibheke ukuthi anihambi namakehla” they all laughed we got into the car and arrived at News Café and we headed for the dance floor when the DJ dropped Tsa Mandebele I couldn’t stop dancing my shoes off, this is like the biggest song of the year. I love it when your friends scream “Ayeye” “Haibo” It gives the right motivation for dancing. When the song ended some of us went back to VIP and I needed water or juice to drink after sweating my ass off.
“Nomasonto Haa-pe wena wadibeta koDance floor” Dimakatso couldn’t stop complimenting me
“Girls, my roommate I knew she is the one, my girl.” Nthabi I wonder what she means. The waiter came to our table to take our orders. I asked for juice, the girls went ahead and got their bottles as agreed. A few couple of juice glasses later I decided to head to the bathroom alone. When leaving the toilets there he is, holding another chikita. He noticed me and was approaching.

“Ya Sfebe sidle imali yami”
“Mina mangiyiso, what is this little girl going to do to you”
“where’s your boyfriend, does he know you here.”
“he knows and he gave me money without sex, he wouldn’t need to buy my affection”
“Yazi he was lucky bengizolimaza umtshele” you gotta be kidding me Sean could run laps on you.
“Hey girl, word of advice he is going to force himself on you if you don’t go home with him. Last week I was nearly in trouble but I got saved.’’ I left and returned to VIP section when I got to the table I mentioned my passage experience to Nthabi who agreed she won’t attack him or go after him. The night continued and I was determined to leave here being crowned queen of the dance floor, I even got called by the DJ to request a song. I was living for the night. Around 2am I decided to wrap the party with my crew because I was feeling the fatigue kicking in. they were all in agreeance on our drive back I decided to stop at the garage to fill up on gas and the ladies decided to buy food and drinks. A white Citi golf pulled in the next pouring station and I heard a familiar voice say my name.

“Nomasonto Intombi iyangipula intliyo yami.” oh, wow there he is Cyprian Dludlu, my high school crush and fuck boy.
“Oh Cy, unjani buthi, kwakhuhle ukukubona” he came closer and gave me a warm hug.
“Ufike nini lana edolobheni.”
“I moved about two weeks ago, ngizofuna umsebenzi and make a living on my own”
“That’s interesting, listen here are my numbers, give me a call so we can hang out soon” he gave a business card, he is a graphic designer. We hugged and my troop was walking towards the car. He left.
“Noma, sonamadoda phela manje” Nthabi is such an instigator of shit.
“Cyprian is a friend from high school nothing more guys”

It’s been a month since I bumped into Cyprian and we are on our third date, I thought we were going to take things slow but once we started revisiting the old memories it became comfortable and natural. This weekend he is taking me to a braai and he will be showing me off to his friends. Nthabi and the girls think we are rushing, but also feel that they going to lose me because I hardly go out with them on weekends. But they are happy for me, which is important because they are my family. My parents are coming to visit later in the week because they want to see if I’m safe and everything is according to their standards I told Nthabi to be prepared and to warn the girls because my parents would be upset if they knew I’m now a party girl. I got a job interview for a clerk position at a boutique at the local mall and it’s on Tuesday I haven’t even decided on what to wear.

“Nthabi, can you take me shopping tomorrow’’
“For eng?’’
“I want a dress for the interview that I’m having on Tuesday, I mean I don’t have anything that says hire me I’m right for the job”
“How much money do you have left before your parents give you more on Thursday”
“About R3k.”
“That’s enough we will go, I can come and pick you by 2pm”
“Thanks, boo.”
“Have you told Cyprian about your parents coming?”
“No, I don’t think he needs to know, besides my dad wouldn’t be pleased with the fact I’m seeing guys.” I can already imagine my father shouting ‘Nomasonto! he is not royalty we want royalty’
“Just hope there won’t be nasty surprises on Thursday.” We, not a serious couple, so I don’t think he should meet my parents for now until our relationship goes for a longer period.

It’s 8am and there is a knock on the door, why are they early I went to open the door.
“Cy ufunani lana so early, aren’t you supposed to be at work’’
“I thought I should bring my girl breakfast.”
“Ndoda you can’t be here. I need you to leave”
“I can’t explain to you yet.” There goes another knock on the door.
“So kukhona omunye omele”
“It’s not like that. Dude please leave or play along”
“I’m not going, I’m going to confront your little boy” he opens the door violently and there is my father.
“Nomasonto!” oh shit.

Chapter Four

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher

“if you play your part, as IEPD political party we will make you our first female president”
“The offer sounds tempting, however, it won’t look good on my husband and I would be betraying AFNCC”
“We are not saying give out party secrets, what we are saying is help us bring down your husband so that he doesn’t become elected as president. We have evidence, however, we believe you can collect the puzzle pieces together and get the ball rolling.”
“Let me think about it, I mean it won’t be easy betraying the man I love”
“I thought you were putting on a performance of your marriage to the public.”
“As much as I want to be the premiere of two cities and rule with a different agenda. This is a man who has opened doors for me, loyalty goes a long way”
“Then maybe we are talking to the wrong person”
“I’ll do it. I believe it’s time for a new challenge”
“We will send our files to your office tomorrow morning and we expect a progress report in two months’ time”
“And will I be compensated? I mean you can promise me a crown but royalty doesn’t live on title”
“You will receive R270K end of each month and after two months when you have presented
A progress report you will be given R700K”
“R270K is little money to me, after all, I’m the wife of the most likely to become president. R400K sounds reasonable, besides the IEPD receive multiple funding from abroad.”

I can’t believe I just signed a deal that can not only end my life but end my family, as much as I have regret about it a part of me is excited, I’m ready to conquer the world and if it means I stab the man I’m married to, it must happen, I have two degrees in political studies and political science and a Ph.D. in political analysists from Harvard. I’m more educated and qualified than some political party veteran who feels they deserve a position. As much as I love playing the wife of a future president I have goals too. I got into the car and headed to the house. I needed something strong. On my drive, I decided to call an acquaintance for drinks.
“Hi Lerato, Are you busy right now”
“Hi Angelique, I’m never busy for you what can I help you with”
“Can we meet at house say in an hour’s time”
“Should I bring something, anything?”
“Yourself and Vodka”
“alright it then”

I got home and took a hot shower and slipped into something casual and comfortable had Susan our live-in-maid to make finger foods. I got a call from my good friend in the IEPD Zanele.

“Zee, Yes darling.”
“So rumor has it you may be part of project O. It seems you might be the leader of it”
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Bitch don’t play with me, you know I’m married to the C.F.O and I’m head of projects and your Swiss offshore account is on my list.”
“You are brave, listen we will talk soon”
“Thanks, love”

After the phone call, a bell noise went off. Susan went to the door and opened for my guest.
We greeted each other, and proceed to the poolside where the food was ready and we could sit outside. We had small talk about our careers and plans, it was great. But things became serious once she started asking what was the purpose of the visit.
“Bring the vodka then I’ll let you know”
We opened the bottle and poured it into the six shot glasses and we proceeded to drink the first three.
“Woah, take it easy we are no longer young and recovering from a hungover is difficult”
“You need to take your three because you going to have to swallow the news I’m about to give you” she took her shots.
“IEPD has employed me to help them sabotage Sean in the running for his presidential campaign and I accepted the offer under the basis that I’ll become female president of IEPD and that will make me the first female president”
“WOW! Andiswa yimi lapho, you did what?” did she call me with that name, agrh I hate that name. “Are you for real? Tell me you are joking; do you really want a war because not only will there be a divorce, ANFCC will try to come after you”
“I’m not done, drink these two shots before I finish telling you.” She takes the shots.
“They know about you and the other two females that have been involved with Sean and know that you guys have information that could not only humiliate him but expose him. I’m tasked to collect all of it and present it to them”
“No Angelique, you can’t do that, you know that I haven’t told her about her dad and I’ll be criticised by the company”
“I have decided to take the deal, I wanted to let you know so that you can start preparing for the worst, I’ll be sending money to your account from an offshore account for you to have money floating for our security.”
“Angelique why you are doing this?”
“I want this. I’m well educated and deserving of this opportunity.”
It’s my time.

Chapter three

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher.

It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday and I’m craving blueberry muffins with hot chocolate. I could be preparing food for tonight, however, I burnt the chicken. My friends are coming over tonight to go out for drinks however I’m not looking forward to picking up drunk people after a night of clubbing. I got a phone call from Prudence “Are we still going out, because I need to hustle Bongani for money” I was shocked “How is it that you are still with Bongani and you know very well he is married”, She later proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t judge her or her decision however I wish she doesn’t continue this road of disappointment. “Is Rose coming with us?” I was curious to know, she responded, “I don’t think so, she is stuck with Mike at work apparently, they are working on a new account with some fashion magazine” Well I was happy she wasn’t coming because the last time we went out she was a mess. “Well, I’ll see you later then.” I hung up, I proceed to check the weather so I could decide on what to wear to work, I love my job because I have flexible hours and I can come into work spend at least five hours and be visible to the management and leave early. I got into the office around 10 am and my new assistant Pat greeted me with my cup of coffee and work schedule, I opened my work laptop and proceed to check my emails and open my browser to go on square space to see how successful my blog is.

here is that annoying voice again
“Yes, Peter” I half smiled.
“It’s a lovely day today, show me your full smile”
“Peter, I don’t have your files ready but by three pm they will be on your desk. You still owe me lunch by the way.”
“Once I have my files we can go downstairs and I’ll get you whatever you like”
I’m behind on a lot of admin work, however, the practical side of work was covered. My plan was not to leave the office at five pm so I knew of one person that I can call in on a favor. I called my assistant’s office
“Yes Pat, please call Charles and tell him there are Peter files here and I’m calling in a favor he owes me.”

I proceed to respond to a couple of emails and head over to the cafeteria to see what’s for lunch. I hope we are having some salads because I can’t do with soup today. I noticed Mme Gertrude wasn’t her normal self-today so I tried to cheer her up when I got to the counter.
“Mme, is your son still single?”
“Awoa Lindi, you can’t do that” she started smiling.
“Are you well, Kebona you are distracted”
“Ketlaba right nana, just take care of yourself okay? I prepared a salad for you because I know you can’t do a soup today”
“Ngiz’mthola kuphi omunye uMama ongithanda njengawe”
I took the salad and went to the staff room, had lunch and went for a smoke.

It’s three pm and I’m muscling through the last pile of admin work I need to do. As much as I try to focus my mind is focused on tonight and free drinks. I decide to call Neo, he is one of my diva friends and hey you can trust gay people on fashion advice.

“Hey baby girl, what can I do for you”
“I need an outfit for club sway”
“Oh wow, what time should I drop it off at the office.”
“How fast can you get here”
“In an hour’s time. Bye”

Great, so the outfit is sorted now I need to get out here at four pm. The phone starts ringing.
“Yes, Pat.”
“I have Angelique on the phone for you on the line should I put her through?”

What the hell does she want from me, I mean we have spoken already and it was a no, I’m not going to work with her or for her.
The notification sound of an SMS went off “WE NEED TO TALK, SEE ME”
I deleted the message and focused on my work until Neo arrived.

“Thanks, love, you are amazing”
“When are you going to set up with a guy from here, I mean they look amazing”
“They all straight Neo”
“They all straight but once you give them head they bend”
“NEO, leave”

Disgusting. I wrapped up and four thirty I was out. I left Pat with some little admin work. Normally I’d take the stairs but I used the elevator to go to the parking basement. I was approaching my car but from the corner of my eye, I saw a black BMW car and the doors opened when I was closed. I saw a face that I know.
“Get in”