Chapter fourteen

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It’s been four months since the incident with smart mouth at Sean’s flat and I’m now seven months with no word from the father, I haven’t received the money that makes sure I keep my mouth shut, he promised that he would pay me monthly, however, I’ll try calling him but I still get the same run-around. Moving back home has had some challenging moments especially dealing with “Know it all” uncles and nosy aunts asking me “where is the father” aunt Julia is the worst but she keeps on forgetting that her husband cheated and impregnated a young girl from Mafikeng that he later decided to marry in order to hide the affair and now there are two wives in two provinces but he spends most of his time in Mafikeng than Pretoria, she needs to worry about her blended family and leave my issues alone. I have been through financial and emotional challenges, there are days that I just don’t want to get out of bed, I normally cry whilst reminiscing about my former life with him, but I never regret keeping the baby. My mother has been the greatest help I could have, she has been taking care of me and Maxine sends me money every month, so I can help at home, she is even planning my baby shower which is in the next three weeks. I’m blessed to have such amazing people in my life that are pulling me through this rough patch. Tonight, I had the energy to join my mother for supper, normally I get served food in bed, but I thought it would be nice to sit with my mother.

“I wasn’t expecting you to join me, keng is there a problem?”
“Nothing is wrong Mama, I just thought you would love the company”
“Well then let me get your food, after that we need to talk” she got up from the chair, brought my food and I ate but I couldn’t help but wonder what we need to talk about, I took the plate to kitchen washed and rinsed and left it to dry on the dish rack and went back for the talk.
“Ngwanyana waka, what’s the plan now?”
“What do you mean mama?”
“I mean with you, the baby and life in general?”
“Mama, I don’t know yet”
“YOU DON’T KNOW?!, my girl you must know, I can’t be raising a grown woman who is expecting her own child, I’m too old for this, I raised you up, so you can take care of me, why am I not enjoying the fruits of my labour? No maan. You need to stop crying over split milk and do something about this, you are carrying a child who is worth a lot of money so don’t tell me about I don’t know what to do because if you don’t become a kleva, the world will pass you by” she got up and left to her bedroom. I wasn’t expecting what she said, I thought everything was okay but clearly, I’m in an illusion of bliss. But what she said got me thinking I mean Sean would pay me millions to make sure I stay as a secret from his wife and publicly, since he has an image to maintain, so why not reveal myself. I went to bed because I need to sleep over this.

“So, Maxine what do you think?”
“I mean if you go public about this, you could get a lot of money from selling the story and the baby daddy will also give you money because he needs to do right.”
“I’m thinking of coming to Johannesburg in about a week’s time can I crash for three days at your place?”
“It’s not a problem girlie, you welcome. So which media outlet route will you use?”
“I haven’t thought about it fully but by the time I get there, I’ll have a full proof plan,” we said our goodbyes and I went to speak to my mother about my idea. And she said “now you are using your head”

“I’ve decided that I’m going straight to Sean’s wife and see her reaction. I mean I know this will shake her marriage and I’ll have both paying me if she doesn’t pay me I’ll casually visit Media 24 house and release an exclusive interview.” I told Maxine over dinner, she bought me my favourite Chinese takeaways as a welcome dinner. I must say I did miss Johannesburg and its fast pace life, however, Pretoria’s quietness gives peace.
“Well firstly, how are you going to get Angelique’s attention?”
“Well I’m glad you asked, I’m showing up at the woman’s doorstep.” She looked at me with the eyes that scream are you crazy!
“Won’t he be at the house?”
“I mean I’ll definitely pop up when he is not around. But it means I’d have to stake out the house from tomorrow to monitor who is there at what time.”
“Well, you should be glad that I’m off tomorrow, so we can go stakeout and I hope when you confront her on Thursday I’ll be able to work a night shift” I smiled because I’m glad that there is someone who has my back and is willing to help me out even if its risky business.
“Hey, there is this interesting book called Ndim’lo, it’s a story about how an eleven-year old’s life changes after meeting a guy at a party. Read it, you’ll enjoy it.” Knowing me once I start a book I aim to finish it in record time after the first three chapters, I decided to call it a night. We left around four-am to get to Sean’s house, we wanted to observe the couples’ routine from morning till night, we parked the car top of the street since their house is the third from the top and left around seven-pm.

“So, this is it, today is the day you make the move, are you ready to face the music?” Maxine asks whilst finishing up with my makeup.
“I’m nervous but hey a girl has to eat”
“Girl gotta eat honey” I got into a beautiful floral maxi dress, had a notepad and business card, after a 45-minute’ drive, we arrived at the gate and Sean’s car wasn’t around. Clicked on the intercom informed that we are from a catering company and were sent by Sean for a consultation, we were allowed entry, we parked the car and at the door, we were welcomed by a maid named Susan she escorted us to the pool area and informed us that Angelique will be with us shortly. I felt a rush of nerves, fear and anxiety flow through my body, she eventually joined us, we exchanged greetings, Susan brought refreshments shortly.

“Well thank you for coming all the way to my house, unfortunately, my husband isn’t here but I trust I can handle this business.” I couldn’t talk for a bit. Maxine decided to talk as a business person for a while.
“Lerato, my business partner actually will inform you further about our visit, she has more information,” she said that, and my heartbeat accelerated. I had a glass of water before speaking
“Lerato is it? Are you okay, please don’t be nervous around me, after all, we are woman. And how far are you with your pregnancy?”
“Seven months and the father is your husband.”


Chapter Thirteen

“So Nthabi, do I look great in this or should I try something else?” I am not feeling too secure about my choice of outfit.
“How about you try the other burgundy dress, this blue dress feels like prom” I tried it and finally it worked now I need to find a shoe that goes with this.
“So what excuse did you give my brother for tonight, I mean it’s the fourth time you’ve to reschedule a date and he really wants you to meet his friends yet you busy here with a sugar daddy.’’
“Sean is not a sugar daddy, he is my superman, a gentleman and he really wants me to be happy and we haven’t slept together.”
“What about your boyfriend, Cyprian?”
“Ubani uCy?” I laughed out loud and tried to get a high five but Nthabi was not on my wave
“Ntombi, lamadoda azokudla uma-sekuphela uzobufuna lona omaziyo ukuthi wangempela uzobe angekho. This game you are trying to play can outplay you”
“Chill Nthabi, I know what to do and besides this weekend uSean is going to KZN and that gives me time to make up for abandoning him. So, I’ve got it now get me matching shoes and do my face”

I got a call around at six-thirty pm, notifying me that my chauffeur will be ready at seven pm. Still unaware of the location but I thought it was romantic. I was late for a couple of minutes, but I mean I had to look good. I got to the airport and I was escorted to a gate D and rushed onto the platform to a private plane and stood on the top stair was Superman.
“Well, this is fancy right?”
“It is; however, I need to know where are we going?”
“Siyalana e CPT next door we will be back by midnight”
“Let me say, this is my first flight, so I am really nervous about this.”
“Don’t worry, you are safe with me.”

He held my hand throughout the smooth flight. I was excited and just over the moon with the fact that there is a man who wants to show me the world, It’s amazing. We got to the airport and we were driven to a private restaurant, I’ve heard that this place is booked for months, next set of an opening is in the new year. He has chosen the menu for us and like he said, “you need to be pampered and spoiled if you are my girl”. I prayed in my heart that this experience could be my forever and not temporary. Dinner conversation was about me and he was interested in getting to know who I am, where I am from etc. the food was so amazing that I asked for seconds in a doggy bag.
“Well, you must be loving this that you have another round.”
“Well, I don’t have money to go to Cape Town and spend thousands on a date now do I?”
“I thought you were royalty?”
“I’m second royalty, my cousin is the first royalty come on, you know who eats on the table and who eats the crumble located on the floor.”
“Well that’s true, I must say I underestimated you just thought you were just another city girl, with looks and who craves the lights”
“Glad to prove you wrong, can we leave, I have to go to work in the morning”
“You work where?”
“Don’t worry yourself.”
“I could take of you” I declined his offer, after the date we flew back to P.E and he dropped me off at my place personally.


I knocked off early and headed to my boyfriend’s apartment, I notified the girls that I’ll be not available and request no calls, I’ve been ignoring him for a couple of days. When I got there, I wasn’t expecting to wait that long because he knocks off before four pm. His phone went to voicemail, I texted him after a while I got a text back saying, “Working late, See you tomorrow.” At first, I thought maybe it would be foolish to jump to conclusion but in the car ride, I kept of thinking of scenarios. Nthabi was shocked when I got in the apartment.

“So, what happened, do you want to talk about it?”
“Not really, he says he is working late and he’ll come over tomorrow.” I went to my room dropped my overnight bag on the floor and threw myself on the bed.
“You can’t be mopping over Cy when you have a businessman at your disposal.”
“I still love Cy, we are still growing and I’m sure Mr. successful has a wife.”
“Well angeke uzodlalwa umfana”
“Well he has been to the mountain, so I know he is a man” Nthabi gave that look
“No silly, I haven’t been there with him”
“Well done. So, let’s go out, celebrate your night off as a girlfriend” I wasn’t feeling it but hey I’m down for an excuse for drinking. I got dressed in a different outfit and go into the cab before going to the club we made a stop to McDonald’s to eat a little before getting smashed. I went through my wallet before paying and released I still have Sean’s bank card I showed Nthabi.
“Do it, eat your daddy’s money”
‘He is not my daddy plus I’m sure he forgot”
“Do it. He’ll call you obviously.” I thought to myself well maybe I try it and see if it won’t hurt.
The pin was correct and the purchase was approved. I and Nthabi giggled. We had our food and off to News Café. The other girls were surprised to see me but were more than delighted to know I’m getting wasted. Dimakatso knew that after a couple of drinks I tear the dance floor. After my two hours of dancing to house music, I went back to the table and checked on my phone for any texts and I saw Sean’s text “Hoping you not planning on gaining weight with McDonald’s, your body is beautiful” I smiled, I asked for water because I need to break the alcohol flow. Anele caught me drinking water and all the girls came running.
“Sorry no water, if you get wasted, it’s pure wasted. Barman get us 8 shots.” Are they crazy I’m not trying to die here? I took four and all was forgiven. The night was too fun and it felt freeing to be alive. Once my vision became a jigsaw puzzle I decided it’s best we call it a rap and we all headed outside to start calling for a cab.

“Chomi isn’t that your name” Nthabi pointing it out to me
“let me get closer to see.” I saw a guy with a sign that said Noma and Co.
We all go into the car without thinking twice. The driver said gave me a gift bag and a bouquet of roses. Nthabiseng took the note and read it out loud.
“To my sweetheart, I’m sorry we didn’t spend time but I promise later today in the afternoon we will spending a weekend away to Kruger National Park love Cy” ahhh my man is sweet. The girls were happy but voiced out their jealousy and wanting to tag along my phone started ringing from a private number.
“Hello Private Caller” the caller breathes.
‘Stop playing with the father of my daughter”

Chapter Twelve

I contacted Daniel, my realtor and started looking for another apartment. I need to find a place where I can immediately start working on my assignment, I specifically did mention that the apartment must be within my feeder zone. I don’t want to be suspicious or far away from home. He called me later to confirm that he has viewings arranged for me in the next two days. In this time, I can focus on spending time with my princess since the boys left Monday. Today we went shopping, she helped me with admin work then we bought Chinese takeaways. During dinner, the conversation was centred around school, her social life and work.
“So, are you so busy that you not looking for the one or you have someone?”
“I don’t believe in the one, to be honest, I mean there is someone who you can meet build a future with and make it happen but that’s not your soulmate is it? Like how papa is not yours” I choked on the wine after she that.
“Lihle, my love what makes you think your father isn’t the one for me”
“Mama I’m sorry to say this, but I know about the other woman in papa’s life”
“Lihle, I honestly think you are wrong” what does she know and how?
“Remember last year in September when he flew all the way to see me at NYU and spend three days before leaving for Chicago and spending a week his son. The second night of the visit, we went out for just casual drinks and food. Papa gave me his wallet and said I call him a cab to take him to the hotel, I offered to take him, but he insisted on not, then he left the bar with his wallet he forgot his phone in my bag. I went to the hotel to deliver it, but before getting to his room, I saw a woman going in and I thought it wasn’t the right time, I tried waiting for him, but they took time, so I left it at the front desk with the instruction to give him”
“Maybe it was Selina honey” drinking a huge gulp of wine
“Mama stop defending this man, it’s not the first time we’ve (Sizwe and I) seen dad with the other woman plus Selina has been with us for almost forever, so we know her from the top of her head to the tip of the toes” I started crying in front of my daughter, I can’t believe Sean could be this careless especially in front of our kids.
“I am sorry Lihle, but we are having some difficulties in our marriage, but we try as much to work on them as we can.”
“Mama there is no difficulties, seems like you’ve made the decision when you stopped wearing your ring since last Christmas.” Which is true, I only put it on for party meetings and events.
“We love the both of you too much and don’t worry we not divorcing, let your father go through this midlife crisis and he will bounce back okay? continue to believe in love, it’s beautiful when you find someone who makes life worth living”

She gave me a hug, we continued to finish our supper and headed to bed. I couldn’t sleep that night because I kept on thinking who is this homewrecker and why don’t I know about her? Is she new or has she been here for long? Is there information about her in the files I got from Zanele’s camp? I wanted to call Selina and ask her if she knows about this new girl, but I thought it was not the right time.







“So how much is the asking price for this penthouse?”
“The owners would like R2.5million for this.” This is the fifth house I’ve seen today but this penthouse fits perfect for me, it’s twenty minutes away from the house, the nearest shopping centre is around the corner and getting to work is thirty minutes.
“The house is aesthetically pleasing and great for hosting an event” Daniel does not need to oversell this house to me, I’m more than impressed with what I am seeing.
“Well Daniel, hoping your schedule is free for the day, we are going to the bank to get that 2.6million, yes the extra 1 million is for you to get me a designer who will change the style of the house.”

He looked pleased. We headed to his office to sign the papers then headed to get the transaction sorted and I told him to deliver my keys (I requested cut keys) at the office by the next Monday. I decided to pay my husband a visit at his workplace since I am a good wife, I bought a picnic basket with me. When I got to the office parking lot I noticed his car isn’t here, but Selina’s car is here. I decided to go in and check what’s going on. Selina saw me walking out of the elevator, she stood up immediately at her desk and sent someone to get me a drink.

“Selina, Unjani Mtase” and I took a sit
“Ma wethu, siphilile ninjani ma”
“Akho nto, Mamela ndifuna ukwazi ukuba uTata ndingamfumana kuphi?” the junior assistant returned with the tray.
“uTata akhekho, upumile okwamanje”
“Business or pleasure?” I looked at her dead in the face.
“Business Ma.”
“Selina stop calling me Ma, we are in the same age group”
“I am being respectful, is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yes, let’s talk privately in Tata’s office” we got out of her office and went into my husband’s office.

“Selina, notify of the new lady in his life, how long have they been seeing each other, is she at the apartment, status sakhe”
“I can’t give you any information without Sean’s agreement” she kept on texting on her phone, an alert tone went on my phone, I see it’s a message from her. Sean has cameras and microphones in here, I can’t share information here.
“Well just tell Sean, I was here to drop off this picnic basket to have lunch with him” we got out of the office and she accompanied me to the parking lot where she proceeded to give me a brown envelope.

“It has everything you are looking for, promise me you will hide my identity”
“Hawu Sihlobo sami, uyazi nawe ukuthi ngihlale ngimtshela ukuthi kukhona private investigator. Enkosi sthandwa sami, khonze ekhaya” we waved goodbye and I drove back to the house. It’s time to unwind and learn about my competition.

I poured a glass of champagne and opened the file.
“Oh my god”

Chapter Eleven

I called my parents before boarding my flight to Durban, I’ve booked myself in a self-catering lodge for two weeks then I’ll leave for Nelspruit and spend a week. Papa Ray was kind enough to take me from the office to the airport, He is nervous about the investigation, he warns me constantly to check my sources, make sure I’m not causing trouble and to not show up on Sean’s radar. I assured him that I’ll be discreet and safe. His last words were “make sure you use an alias name” he gave me a hug and an envelope with money with a note that said, “You’ll never know”. I called the third time and my mother eventually picked up.

“Yes, Ntombazane yami.”

“Hi, I’m going to away for business for the month, so if you want to dispose of Obakeng, you can send him to my apartment with the instruction he doesn’t go wild.”

“He’ll be so excited to know this, what type of business is this?”
“Investigative” then goes that long sigh and pause from my mom

“You know how I feel about those cases, Why…”

“That’s why I choose to tell you last minute Ma, you would have called Papa Ray and beg him to stop me, my flight is about to board, so I was letting you know I’ll be in Durban and Mpumalanga, don’t come looking for me please!”

“I won’t, be safe, and pray for God’s covering, love you pichuchunu” I smiled and hung up on her.


When I was at the boarding I felt, this is it, I’m going to my destiny, a big break in my career, I won’t fail, because success runs in my veins. The flight was good, I got to Durban international airport and headed to the lodge, settled in and decided that today I’ll just rest, enjoy my scenery and head to Gateway shopping centre later for supper. I got a call from Papa Ray checking in and informing that he has set up and confirmed meetings with a couple of local journalists, however, each journo knows me under the alias of Prudence Gumede and I’m from the Northern Cape, I could never say thank you to him for the opportunity, all he kept on saying was “Be safe baby girl”. After slipping into the off the shoulder dress, I went to Gateway, started with getting some basic groceries and look for some formal clothes after that I proceeded to have a late dinner for one. A lot of random guys tried to approach me, but I was not interested, I called for a chauffeur I was ready to cuddle up in bed with a good book. I pushed my trolley with everything and headed to the car. The irritating car guards helped me offload to the boot and I tipped him R10 and got into the car without even noticing the driver because I was busy in my bag looking for keys.


“Sawubona baba, Ngiya e- “

“Baba? Am I ageing that much?” I looked up and saw this younger, muscular built guy.

“Oh, sorry I just assumed”

“Clearly you were making an ASS out of U and ME”

“Oh, wow you are full of comebacks, are you like this with other people?”

“Non-observant, sure I’m.” this guy.

“Such a gentleman hey,” I told him where I am headed, and he drove directly, we got to the place he offloaded the groceries, I was looking for the money, but he said I shouldn’t, the second ride, I’ll start paying.

“I didn’t even get your name & your direct number”

“How about I’ll call you tomorrow morning Lindiwe and we will take it up from there.”







I arrived at Durban Mews office on time, Grumpy young has a name, it’s Mcendisi and he is two years old than me, he brought me breakfast when he fetched me at 07:30, it’s like he knew I skipped out on breakfast. He is doing his second undergraduate degree in BA: Communication Sciences, his first qualification is a BA: Sociology. Not married and no children which I was at first impressed but then I had asked him if he was gay, he laughed and said no, the last relationship he had was with his university girlfriend after the graduation she left for a nursing opportunity in Saudi Arabia.


“Ms Gumede, Mr Kheswa is ready to see you” I was accompanied by the assistant to his office.

“Oh, this must be Bra Ray’s angel Prudence, it’s a pleasure to meet you” we exchanged a handshake

“Thank you Bab’Kheswa, I’m grateful for you hosting me hoping I’ll be of good use and I can get my work done.”

“Bra Ray has sent me some of your pieces, I see you are a political journalist but a nosy one.”
“Investigative journalism does require one to play dirty or get dirty to come up with the truth but trying to remain objective”

“Why did that sound like a textbook answer?”

“I work by the rules that all.”

“So, do you have any leads or research on your case and prime suspect?”

“Not much, however, if there is anyone here at the D.M. who can help me, I am willing to work with them” He smiled at me.

“That’s great, we love a team worker. (He presses a button on the telephone) Yes Khaya, please come to my office now. Well, Khaya will be your new partner, he has been investigating the chief whip.” The door opened and walked in this tall, big built man, he looked like Dwayne Johnson. I was scared.

“Khaya, meet Prudence.” we exchanged a handshake   

“She is tiny for investigative journalism” he laughed looking in the direction of Mr Kheswa

“Tiny enough to get the information that your big body can’t squeeze into.” He shut up after I said that.

“Well, will you see that she has sassy and won’t take nonsense, you guys will love each other. Khaya will take you on a tour of the office and show you your office space your first day”


It’s 4pm, Mcendisi is already packed downstairs, he called twice to notify me when he has five mins away from me and the second call was him in the parking lot, I thought I was going to be ready, but some admin work prevented me. I got out fifteen minutes later and rushed to the car.

“You on time” he such a tease

“Are you always this delightful?’’

“I’m delighted when you are wasting your time in an office when you could work from home”

“I left my parents in the Northern Cape so why am I being parented?”

“Open the plastic that’s on the floor, it’s yours”

“Wow a bottle of wine and an easy meal, how thoughtful of you.” The wine yes, Tv dinner is an insult.

“The Tv dinner is mine, I’m not sharing”

“So, I must cook a meal for myself after a long day at work?”

“That’s how you will get a ring, my child.”


Chapter Ten

“Will the father of the baby be joining us at this checkup or?”
“No, the father is not present.” I saw her side-eyeing the other nurses, it’s like she is telling them, here is another one.
“Let me get the sonar machine and Dr Masemola will be in shortly”

It’s my first visit, to be honest, I’m sad it’s this way, I was really hoping Sean would come but he meant his word, It’s been a while since we were in contact, and every time I call Selena she gives me the run around “He is in a meeting, I’ll have him call you after hours” I realized this was going to be end of a lot of things for me like how my business will go on halt because I won’t getting catering tenders like I used to, I might as well..
“Lerato, how are you, my dear, I see it our first scan”
“I’m well thanks, doctor, it is, and I just want to see if everything is well.”
“Okay relax, the gel that I’m going to apply is cold so be prepared and then we will see your amazing bundle of joy” He proceeds to apply the gel and move the sonar scanner, I was nervous to see my baby.
“Can you hear this beautiful strong heartbeat?” he zoomed in on the screen, I smiled.
“I see you are going on the fourth month, why haven’t you seen a GP or Gynae yet, there is a lot of medication you need to take to keep the baby healthy and growing?”
“I was going through some problems with the father of the child and work, however, I will admit it I’ve neglected my health, however, I’m ready to take of things”
“You are lucky that this pregnancy has not had complications because if you didn’t do right from the beginning you’d be in trouble by now, I’m going to give loads of medication, this just helps in securing the best pregnancy ever, besides you want the best for your firstborn.”
“Thank you, Doc, I’ll take the meds religiously” he then proceeds to give me information on support groups and pregnancy classes I could attend and the best gynae doctor I must attend (In his words).

I felt hopeful after the visit, hopeful that I can do this, I’m ready to bring life into this chaotic world. I must go back home though, I can’t stay here with how things are becoming, I have lost my source of income, my business is not buzzing as before, a part of me feels like going back is a sign of being defeated however I can’t plan without knowing there is security for my child. I know my mother will help me raise the baby and I can repair what’s left of my life. I decided to go back to the apartment (His apartment) I figured it’s time I go pick up my stuff and the head for Mabopane. I got to the place and my keys weren’t fitting in the locks, when did the locks change? I knock on the door a couple of times and no answer, I called his office line and Selena says he is not around and she isn’t aware of the locks being changed. I kept knocking until I heard a young female voice coming out from the place screaming “Geez I’m coming already” what’s going on. The door finally opens.

“Can I help you Ousi?” who is this teenager in a bikini doing in my man’s apartment.
“You can help me by moving out of the way and let me in my house.”
“Why would I let you in, plus it’s Sean’s crib and I moved in here last week so again who are you?”
WOW. I can not believe this.
“I’m Lerato”
“Oh, I’m your replacement, you can come in, did you bring a van with you or do I have to call you one?”
This bitch who is she, what in the hell is going on?
“You could never replace me.”
“You couldn’t keep a man, so let’s stop the sassy talking, be civil because this is awkward, your stuff is packed already in the spare room you must just take and leave.” Oh, my fucking hell, this can not be happening today. I walked in went to the kitchen poured myself a glass of water.
“Well make yourself at home since it was your home”
“Where is Sean?”
“You not entitled to know that information anymore” this homewrecker is really trying it.
“I need to talk to him, it’s grown folks’ business
“Nothing grown about pregnancy even a twelve-year-old can get a baby”
“You are trying my spirit and it’s not cute.”
“You need to calm down, can’t be babysitting a hypertensive expecting mother, so is the van downstairs or must I call one?”
“For you? I don’t know, I’m staying here in my man’s apartment until he gets here”
“You not going to make it easy for me aneh? Listen here, Sean is mine, not yours, I’m on birth control pills something you couldn’t swallow down clearly” I slapped her with the back of my hand, her mouth is too big for her body size.
“You lucky I don’t fight back with the past, you beneath me, if you don’t have a van, I’ll call one for you and cover the travelling cost for with my man’s money.” I tried for a second smack, but she defended it and pinned me to the couch, her bony hands were hurting me, she got up and went to the bedroom and came out with her phone, she made calls and then proceeded to the kitchen.
“Are you hungry, I can make you something to eat whilst you wait’’
‘’You think he loves you?”
“What? Love? Girl come on, what would I love a guy who flashes money at me and only sees me after 6pm until 10pm with a ring finger mark? That not love honey, it’s a business transaction. Didn’t you attend university and study hospitality, weren’t you taught supply and demand chain?” She is so damn cocky.
“You know a lot about me, were you studying on about me?”
“Studying? Sorry Honey, my master research has more value than you could., see the difference between us is that I’ve got my own but choose to eat off Sean, it’s convenient and helps save money. Everything I need is mine; your man’s money just gets me my wants and desires” Who is this girl?
“Let me make you a chicken salad, you must be hungry from the checkup.”
“How do you know?”
“He left his phone with me because I need to use it for personal affairs. After that, you can leave.”
I won’t lie and say her chicken was bad, it was decent, but I finished my plate because I was damn hungry, the moving guys arrived and hauled everything to the van, when I was about to leave, she gave me an envelope”
“Here, it’s from Sean, he said I must give it to you when you come pick up your stuff. Good luck. Have a good life.”

Chapter Nine

“Sawubona Baba”

“Who is this boy?” my dad’s anger is slowing loading.

“It’s Nthabiseng’s brother Tata, he was dropping off breakfast for us before he heads to work.”

“Oh, I nearly had a fright.” I welcomed in my parents and laid the tray down and started serving tea. Cy was on the couch looking scared for his life.

“So uhm, I have to go”

“Not a problem. Cy, I’ll let you sister know you came, see you later.” He said goodbye to my parents and left.

“So, when are we seeing Nthabiseng?”

“She promised to be here around lunchtime, is the tea okay mama?”

“It’s a bit bitter but I know here in the city you buy tea bags, so I can’t expect quality.”

“I’m sorry mama, we will look for a tea shop later today and we can get quality. Tata, I missed you, how’s everything eKhaya” I love being a daddy’s girl, I get special preferences and I’m spoiled.

“Kulungile ntombi yami, we miss you especially your cousin uSindiswa, you have to come home and visit we must start looking for a husband.”

“Tata!” he annoys me whenever we get into courtship matters. Well, that’s the downfall from being born into royalty. I was about to say something, but my mom got ahead

“Baba, don’t you think we should give our daughter a chance of being independent and build herself before marriage because she still needs to learn how to cook” she laughs after saying that.

“I can cook Ma; besides you will live longer to teach me how to cook ukudla kwesintu and my children.”

My dad checks his watch. Which means he is waiting for something or he is leaving.

“Tata, how about you give me the bank card and let’s meet back here at 3pm so you can meet Nthabiseng and we will go for a late lunch.”

“Yazi nina boMame ne mali.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He kissed my mother and left.

“Mama there is a place eTown that has your name written all over the curtains.”

“What are we still doing here Noma asambe.’


We found an Indian tea shop that sells authentic teas and my mom was in awe of it, she even convinced the tea makers to deliver two boxes to me and three to her directly, she is that bossy and gets it all. I don’t want to say much about the curtain shop because that became such a mess we had to call two cars to load all the new silk and Egyptian Cotton curtains, I don’t know when she is going to show off the curtains to all the wives back home, but I know she will. That’s my mother for you. I called my dad and Nthabiseng to let them know we on our way back home.


“So Nthabi, I didn’t know you had an attractive young brother and he is Xhosa”

“I do!!?”

“Yes Cy, we met him this morning when we arrived this morning”

“oh, Cyprian he is my cousin actually, but I call him my brother, he went to the same school as Noma” I choked on the orange juice and looked at my father. My mom was impressed by this new discovery.

“is he Cyprian Dludlu?” My dad asking curiously.

“Ewe Tata Nguye.”

“Well, he was going to be my in-law however my princess knows better than she needs to find a royal, blood and not ordinary person” here he goes about marrying royalty, I decided to shut him down.


“I don’t think it’s a bad thing marrying a commoner, besides no-one has had bad luck with being with a commoner, those relationships are genuine and not arranged, have a successful rate in long time, for example take Letta Mbuli & Caphius Semenya those two are still together and they not royalty or arranged” My dad was taken aback by what I said

“Our Daughter has a point Baba, however, I understand amasiko ethu say another.  Enough about marriage, baby girl you still needs to learn about independence, Nthabi, how is our girl as your roommate, is she neat and tidy?”

“Your daughter is a delight, I’m messy because I bring work home all the time and hardly get the sleep but when I do, she still makes sure everything is organized for me.” I smiled, I never thought I’d hear such coming from Nthabiseng. She is normally the rough ball and I’m delicate naïve plazi girl. My parents smiled at me.


The waiter came to our table and informed me that I’m being requested to the manager’s office, we were all surprised

“What is this about?”

“Mam, the manager has requested you, I believe it’s regarding your job application” But I don’t remember applying here. Well I assured my parents maybe they are informing me that I have a job nothing major, I’ll be back

I was escorted to the office at the back and It seems that I interrupted a meeting.

“Sir, Noma is here”

“Oh, there is my sweetheart gents, MaSonto I didn’t know you brought your parents over for lunch, you should have told me that, I would go to a different lunch place” Wow it’s Superman in the flesh, I didn’t think I’d seem him again.

“Hawu Baba, I mean they showed up to my place this morning unexpectedly, tried calling you but you reminded me that you’ll be busy the whole afternoon” I greeted his business colleagues, he then introduced me to them individually.

“So, Mike, my in-laws are eating for free, they are not paying this time”

“Yes, anything for you and the lovely Nomasonto.”

“Gentlemen, I need to leave before I bump into my future father in law and I need to speak to speak to Noma quickly, thanks” we left through the back exit.

“So, what was that about and Hi Sean”

“Can’t explain yet, will you have dinner with me in about four hours, I’ll have a car pick you up and wear a long dress look amazing and play along will you, you will save me a lot if you do. Besides, you owe me a favour after I saved you” Is this a date or am I a call girl? This guy.

“Well Sir, I don’t have the cash for new clothes so how will I find a new dress?” he handed me his card and wrote down the pin on my arm.

“I can’t stay long, but I’ll call you.” He proceeded to enter the car.

“How do you know my number?”

“I tore up your CV that you left at one of my friend’s business place. Bye”


“Sean, please don’t forget our babies are coming to town end of the week”

“How long are they staying?”

“Two weeks then they are going their separate ways until they need to go back in June”

“Maybe I can take uSizwe for my business trip then you and Lihle can have quality time”

“I was thinking of having a family weekend away”

“I think not. We don’t need to fool the kids, we just need to fool the world”

“Sean, I’m trying to save the little we have. Why can’t you work with me?”

“Angel, baby it’s life.”

“Sean, I have never done you wrong but you, you fuck around and get your hoes pregnant and I clean up your mess” he starts taking his keys.

“Don’t wait up”


Then I’ll get a call from Thandiswa (his assistant) telling me where Sean is and if he is coming back. I’m tired of Sean and this routine it’s draining me. But that’s what some politician wives go through, the marriage is a smoking mirror and you as a woman don’t want to let go because it will look bad on the woman, not the man, you become a walking joke in the eyes of people. Some wives in the party are part of groups and some share what they have gone through, I remember when Thulisile came to one of our gatherings in tears, she was so destroyed that her husband had another wife, life and children. I remembered what my mother said after I found Sean in bed with some whore, “Ntombintana yami Vala ihlazo ungaliveze ngoba ibonisa ukuthi umuzi wakho awukwazi ukuwophata.” Hence, I’m the one when Lerato came to my house with the intention to break my marriage, I sorted it. When the journalist Lindiwe came snooping for information I sorted that too. Every Sep the 22nd we renew our wedding vows and every year Sean tells the same lie, “I will honour, respect and love you” I look for that those vows in days like this, however now that I have been given an opportunity to become a threat to him and his career, it pleases me, a scornful woman’s revenge can be the deadliest. My phone rang and I saw it was Zee.


“Darling, yes it’s you”

“Darling where are you, we are meeting for lunch”

“Just running late, our usual spot?”

“Yes.” I got dressed and headed to Houghton.


“So, we need to talk.”

“Yes. Because I also have questions” “How hungry are you for this revenge”

“I’m not looking for vengeance, this has nothing to do with anything personal, it’s about me and showing that I have what it takes to run a country. I’m way qualified then, Sean”

“But you are willing to destroy your marriage for a title ship?”

“President of this country isn’t just a title, besides it’s up to him when I become president does he join me or pack his stuff and leave. It’s simple”

“I know that you guys were in some arguments but I didn’t think it would be this tense, you have guts to do this and I fully admire you”

“So, friend tell me, boJamie are they serious about making me head of the party because I don’t want to destroy my life for a couple of millions.”

“From what I am hearing, everything is set in place for you, you just need to deliver, just don’t forget me when you call the shots baby’’

“I could never, a toast to us women who are making their dreams a reality”


“I noticed you didn’t sleep here izolo, where you out and about with someone, I should know of?” “Sean, I decided to go to my apartment after I had a late supper with Zee, Plus I thought you need to enjoy your house without the fighting”


“Unlike you, I honour my vows, even though now they mean dust to you. I don’t want to fight, the kids will be here in the next two hours, so I need to cook.”

“Angelique, baby do you still love me?”

“is that a trick question?”

“You don’t touch me, you don’t look at me”

“How am I supposed to sleep with a man who sleeps with any skirt, how am I supposed to look at a man who has killed me inside and never apologises? How? How?”

“Then why you here?”

“Because I have invested so much in you that I know my rewards will be triple times more, plus you need me, the prenup is still in my favour. You don’t want the elders of the party to look at you and be ashamed.”


“Now allow me to cook food for our family and play along. I’ll sleep on the floor, you can keep the bed.”


He headed to his office with a glass of whiskey, I continued with my Greek three-course meal. I can’t wait to see Lihle and Sizwe, I remember when I adopted Lihle, she was the biggest blessing, after I lost my second child the doctor declared that I have become infertile, Sizwe will remain my first miracle baby. Sizwe studied sports management but now he is studying biochemistry, Lihle is a defence attorney who is now working on her P.H.D in criminology. She has dreams of being a supreme court judge and I’m so glad to see her dream big. My phone went off and I saw it was Jamie.


“Jamie, Hi how are you”

“Hi Angelique, just wanted to check in with you, any progress?”

“Not much but I’ll let you know when something picks up, how is Lizel?”

“She is great thanks.”

“Listen, I’m busy cooking supper but tell Lizel I’ll await her invite for high tea, bye.”

I felt violate push directly up against the fridge door, my head screamed pain.

“What the hell are you doing talking to the enemy team, especially Jamie”

“let go of me you beast.”

“So what are you doing now, sleeping with the enemy?”

“I live with the enemy in my owner house Sean so what’s new?”

“Don’t play with me, you don’t want me to..”

“To hurt me? You’ve done it already, now you’ll be doing it physically”

“Tell me what are you doing with the enemy team”


“Funny only now you take an interest in what I do because I could be a threat to you”