CLOUT The Podcast: Episode Two

In the studio today, host Katlego is joined by Lesego April Chabedi in an insightful fun-filled episode about what is the essence of theatre life, the difference between screen acting and stage performing, The Little Prince production and country tour, Social media influencers and their impact on media and lastly we talk about art & art expression.

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Chapter Seventeen

“Excuse me, who are you?” I quickly moved into my bedroom for privacy and wondered who is she talking about. “I’m Lerato and you better get your opportunist hands off Sean” I went mute. “Are we clear ngwanyana and tell him I’ll be waiting for him to return to Johannesburg” I was still speechless I just dropped the call, got on my knees and prayed “Lord, I’m sorry for dealing with a married man, I had no knowledge that he is under a blessing, I repent of my sins…” Nthabi released a loud “Amen”. “Privacy please” “Girl you quickly disappeared, of course, I am going to check where you went, so his wife called you?” I nodded. “Well we will handle this later, for now, the girls are in the living room and we need to sort out sleeping arrangements” I slept on the blow-up mattress with Nthabi, I was constantly drifting in & out of sleep throughout the morning. Once everyone got up, I decided to spoil them to a brunch at some fancy restaurant in the mall. “Ladies order to your hearts’ delights, I’ve got us covered” after saying that I moved Sean’s number to the filter for harassment and block, I was not going to waste my time listening to his lies. During the main course, Nthabi pulled me aside and wanted to know if I’m coping with everything. I sighed “I just don’t know anymore, I found myself catching feelings and having thoug-“ she looked unimpressed “I don’t think you are thinking properly, it’s been less than thirty-one days, all you know about this guy that he is wealthy, you can not build a connection let alone a relationship based on little substance. Baby you have an amazing thing with Cy don’t screw it up” I’m hearing her but not listening, I have never had my heart be so conflicted, I was hurt by someone whom I trusted. I nodded and drifted back to her final words saying “Well let’s enjoy brunch, head back home and I’ll help you pack for Kruger park”. When the bill came, I took out Sean’s card. Nthabi screamed a big “NO”, oh yes Nthabi, ndizoyitsha leMali yakhe.


After a two-hour flight and drive, we arrived at Kruger National Park before sunset, this is definitely what I needed a break from the city life, city lies and drama, the fresh air of peace and rest was comforting me. We have a full itinerary for the next three days, I was feeling jet-lagged after unpacking that I decided we should have dinner and call it a night. When we returned from the game drive, we headed back to the room for a quick shower and change of clothes, Cy sat me down on the bed. “Baby let’s talk, I sense something is wrong” I was puzzled “I feel that you are distancing yourself from me and I don’t know are you still angry about what happened the other time?” I sighed “I’m not mad about that and sorry for my recent behaviour, I am just dealing with personal issues but that shouldn’t affect our weekend away.” I pulled him closer and started kissing him, just before he finished pulling down his pants. “Before we get into this, I must confess, it’s my first an-“ He smiled and responded, “I’ll be gentle with you baby, let me treat you good.”

I returned from the spa center, where I got an amazing body massage, which is what I needed from all that physical exercise, everything right now feels just right, I gave myself to a man that loves me, treats me like a princess and makes me a priority, there is no other greater feeling. My phone rang and saw it was my mother. “Sawubona Ma” Cy moved from the bed to the sitting area. “Kunini ngizama ucingo lwakho Nthabiseng says you not home, apparently you are at a work-outing why ungashongo” nosy-oozy mother “Ma, there is nothing to say it’s a work-outing, what is urgent kangaka?” Cy laughed “Phela we haven’t heard from you in a while so bendithi ndi-check(e) ukuba you are okay and remind you that uTata wakho uyeza lapho eTown in two weeks.” I totally forgot. “It’s fine Mama ndizam’bona utata makafika, I’m doing well and your tea packages arrived, I’ll give dad some and keep the rest for me and Nthabi.”

It’s been a week since Kruger, I’ve been beaming joy from within, I even decided to take yoga classes, Nthabi has been commenting on how I’m glowing all of sudden on my face. “Ukudlile and ukuphe kamnandi don’t lie about it.” To which I always respond “Ke Dijo tsa hae tse.” I just feel great, I got off work early today and planned to pamper myself before I go see Cy for supper. I arrived at the loft and found a man with roses and a poster with my name, I just can’t believe Cy is going all out to keep me smiling, he is everything and more than I can ask for. I took the flowers and rushed to my flat so I can place them and read the card. “We need to talk, you ignoring my calls and SMSes, see me tonight please” I threw the flowers and card in the bin and lost my mood. Nthabi came back later, saw the card and roses. “You have to go, you need to close this chapter of your life or he will bother you.” I protested “I’m in a happy relationship with Cy, I don’t want complications” to which she replied “No Buts. Just go, tell Cy you will reschedule and dump Sean” I dressed up, unblock Sean’s number and texted him that I’ll be ready by seven pm, he can send a private car to pick me up.


“You look beautiful Noma, unjani?” I’m not wasting a damn minute, but a girl has to eat, so I’ll entertain him for the rest of the night. After I placed my order, he wanted to say something but I interrupted him “How do you feel about infidelity?” he was taken aback by what I said, but responded “I mean, it’s wrong, if you are with someone you should be with them fully but sometime-” I interrupted him “You about to say sometimes, people cheat on their partners because there are not getting something from their partners and will go outside the relationship to fill the void?” he nodded. “I never understood that mentality, it had to a guy to come up with such a lame excuse for cheating, but hey men are superior to women, right?” to which he responded “what brought upon that question firstly?” the waiter returned with our orders and I ate and finished my meal in silence, I responded “I was just thinking about how cheating affects peoples relationships in the long run.” I requested the bill and Sean was shocked and he protested “But I can afford to pay for this” I didn’t not respond, the waiter came with the speed point machine, I took out Sean’s card and placed an envelope on the table. “In the envelope is exactly R4 000, the money I’ve spent on your beautiful credit card, tell your lovely wife Lerato that I had no idea that I met a married man, I’m grateful he saved myself but I won’t keep him away from his daughter because she needs her father. Thank you for a beautiful meal, delete my numbers” he looked stunned, I got up and called for a meter cab. Men are disgusting.

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CLOUT: The Podcast

Today we launch our big second project of 2018, our own podcast show. At the end of 2017, we planned what we wanted to do for you, our fans and producing more content besides reading was our number one priority. we are here, starting our podcast show and we would like to do more episodes as we feel that we are ready to cover relatable talks and give more knowledge about life issues.

Haus of Kaystopher presents CLOUT. An alternative entertainment and lifestyle podcast show that really talks about everything that’s anything.

CLOUT the podcast show presented by Katlego Christopher Khoza, with an arrange of guests who give their uncensored view about topics from politics to life lessons and get to know the guest better.

Our pilot episode, Discussions of First child problems, Life after eighteen, Mental health and wellness is available on youtube & SoundCloud

We hope to reach a large audience of the youth with this episode as this is relatable content with healthy suggestions

To Our Family

Dear Family

With a heart heavy heart, we would like to inform you that Haus Of Kaystopher is going on a break. When we started this page we entered this venture with the belief we are able to grow audience with literature and we pushed by releasing a drama politic short story, however, we were not aware that we would only attract less than 1% of the reading population. We moved into becoming content producers which opened our potential as creative minds to generate relatable content for a mass audience however we ran into a financial block, we have found ourselves in a situation where we have tons of content sitting but we are unable to produce it to the world. We have tried through our pockets and able to start a podcast with one episode complete.

This is not the end, we are leaving only to go out to the world and ask for a helping hand, we are asking anyone that’s everyone to help with exposure by sharing our page and telling people about our cry, equipment if there are people who are able to donate Cameras, lighting and vary of studio equipment and funding whoever can help us raise R3 000-R5 000 to finish with recording our podcast.

We will return, but better

With Gratitude and love