Meet the team: Ntombikayise Lindelwa Khumalo (Efuru_Kayise)



“There’s a lesson in everything”

Born and raised in Meadowlands, Soweto. Lindelwa (Efuru Kayise), to many, can be described as a sunflower. She shows her beauty and brings warmth to you through her music and writing. Lindelwa is not shy from exploring her creative side and sharing life experiences that make her a strong independent modern woman. She is first of four siblings from a centred religious home. Lindelwa’s passion for music started back in school (2009) when she picked up the violin and it became her second love, the same love brought her the opportunity to participate in the national eisteddfod where she made it to the regionals and became mentored by her icon Tshepo Mngoma for two years. She is still stringing it with the Delighted Image Project (DIP) and is working on her rankings. Her first love for poetry has been a forever, like everyone she started from diaries to journals that she has collected over the past years.

We got an opportunity to ask her Majesty a couple of question to get to know her.

Q: Why Haus of Kaystopher?

A: “Haus of Kaystopher is a platform for creatives to express themselves. Unlike other platforms, this is unscripted, we cover everything and we are not biased to any gender, race or topic.”


Q: In your own words what is Haus of Kaystopher?

A: “It is a pandora’s box of ideas.”


Q: Besides being a poet and a muse for some photographers, we are aware of your musical talents, tell us more about being violinist

A: “Music is my lifeline.  I started playing in ’09. Took a break in 2014 because of university however I returned to Delighted Image Project in August of 2016 and that was my best decision. It’s a family and I see myself growing further.”


Q: Your favourite three books?

A: “The Monk who sold his Ferrari

-Tales of the Otori (Including the prequel)

-The Sun and her flowers.”


Q: Your favourite three poems?

A: “Still I Rise- Maya Angelou

Queen sized bed – Majesty Afrique

Hollow- Efuru K”


Q: What is your end goal in terms of writing & music

A: “Writing is a way for me to share my experiences and if someone can take out the life lessons in them and apply them in their lives I would have achieved my goal, as for music, I would like to teach and currently I do have the opportunity to tutor young violinists.”


Q: Give us three words to describe you

A: “Creative, Resilient & Precise.”


Q: Your Mantra?

A: “There’s a lesson in everything”


Q: Three things you can’t live without?

A: “Music, Fudge & My notebook.”


Q: Your top five albums.

A: Ceremonials – Florence & The Machine

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence & The Machine

Lungs – Florence & The Machine

A Seat at the table- Solange

Too high to riot – Bas




Editor & Writer: Katlego Khoza

©Haus Of Kaystopher



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