“Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we all need somebody to lean on”

Peter Christopher was born in Soweto, 1997. He was raised in two households, which practised different religions. As an individual, he rejects the normative definition of male, which became problematic to his family since he was the only son. His passion for photography came from the movie Paris Is Burning (1990), which showed the history of drag performers and their culture in the LBGTQI community. He explains his intention concerning his photography, saying “I want to express a culture of drag performers and show the art behind it with the intention of educating this slow evolving society and give emerging homosexuals a platform”.


Katlego Khoza is an aspiring writer, he believes that life experiences have a story and believes in sharing it with everyone. “I think I’m a people’s person and I’m opened mind to everyone, hence I sometimes give myself the title fan favourite”. His abilities to connect with people makes him likeable.


An opportunity for a Q&A was held, enjoy.

Q: What inspired you to create Haus Of Kaystopher.

A: “I had an awakening whilst I was in a bad state of health back in August, that if you believe you have a skill or a talent, do not wait for what is perceived as ‘the right time’ to be able to show it or use. Do it now, use your God-given gift, don’t let me diminish or just stay asleep because you are waiting. Why wait I ask. I realized that I have been giving the ability to write and learned the skill of photography I might as well use these two and make something out of it, but then I am never alone, I have a team and I thought to take Ntombikayise along the ride with me because she was given the ability of being a poet and she acquired a skill of being a violinist and now today Haus of Kaystopher is here”


Q: Why the name Haus of Kaystopher

A: “Kaystopher is the combination of Ntombikayise & Christopher, secondly once we become a successful brand and blog, we need an identity imprint that will tell people about us and lastly the word Haus is a German term for a house.


Q: What is the present for Haus of Kaystopher

A: “Currently we are starting off as writers & photographers, we want to share and show what we have to the audience and receive the correct attention we would deserve.”



Q: What is the future for Haus of Kaystopher?

A: “Becoming a well-known blog that doesn’t limit ourselves, I believe in once you have created a platform and it works, move ahead to bigger things however in moving forward, bring up people with you, do not leave anyone behind, because everyone has to start somewhere, and I hope we can become a blog that opens door to upcoming artists by promoting them and spreading the word across”




Q: Why create this platform.

A: I believe in black excellence and I believe that any black child needs to know there is no limit because of your race, but more especially I want to show black queer children that it’s possible, you can do it irrespective of how being a black queer person is perceived in the world or how you get treated, you can be great, and it starts with seeing it and believing in it. I’m inspired by many black queer artists such as Zanele Muholi and Boitumelo Nkopane. If I can show my excellence just one child and showed them you can, I’m done”





Q: What is your end goal in terms of writing and photography?

A: If I can marry these two I believe my dreams would not end because these two sides require having a flexible sense of imagination, discipline and commitment. Once I master these three elements I believe my photographer will reflect what I write.


Q: Your favourite three books?

A: Eat, Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style- RuPaul Charles

Foreign Body- Robin Cook


Q: Your favourite three photographers?

A: Magnus Hastings

Jeremy Kost

Ilan Godfrey


Q: Three words that describe you

A: Persistent, Unbreakable & Interesting




Q: Your Mantra

A: “In the end, only the unbreakable ones remain the strongest or Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we all need somebody to lean on. That’s a lyric from a song”


Q: Three things you can’t live without?

A: “Air/Oxygen, Food & My family”


Q: Your Top five albums

A: 1. A Seat at the table- Solange

  1. Two birds- Trixie Mattel
  2. Born to die: The paradise Edition- Lana Del Rey
  3. Access All Areas- The AAA Girls
  4. Perfectly Imperfect- Elle Varner.

Writer & Edited: Ntombikayise Khumalo

Copyright: Haus of Kaystopher.

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