Chapter Five

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher

It’s been a week since the incident has happened and I just can’t get Sean out of my mind. I should have given him my number or my address but I guess he is not into girls from clubs, however, I owe him one. This week hasn’t been interesting, job hunting is not easy especially as a beautician. I sent & dropped off eight CVs and I’ll have to wait for a response within 21 working days. Nthabi is always at work which leaves me to be bored but she has decided to hook me with her friends who are in my similar scenario and they take me around the city and we chill together, which is great. Every weekend is a party we make it an effort to go out and have fun and tonight is no exception.
“So, ladies with this R7K we are aware that we are buying bottles only and maybe two or three trays of shots,” Nthabi says this whilst checking her phone to see if we have VIP access.
“Definitely” Dimakatso is so excited.
“Then who is responsible for safety and security” I nominated myself because I wasn’t ready to drink and seduce guys after what happened with Thembalihle I want to keep it safe.
“Noma are you sure?”
“Yeah, besides kumele nginibheke ukuthi anihambi namakehla” they all laughed we got into the car and arrived at News Café and we headed for the dance floor when the DJ dropped Tsa Mandebele I couldn’t stop dancing my shoes off, this is like the biggest song of the year. I love it when your friends scream “Ayeye” “Haibo” It gives the right motivation for dancing. When the song ended some of us went back to VIP and I needed water or juice to drink after sweating my ass off.
“Nomasonto Haa-pe wena wadibeta koDance floor” Dimakatso couldn’t stop complimenting me
“Girls, my roommate I knew she is the one, my girl.” Nthabi I wonder what she means. The waiter came to our table to take our orders. I asked for juice, the girls went ahead and got their bottles as agreed. A few couple of juice glasses later I decided to head to the bathroom alone. When leaving the toilets there he is, holding another chikita. He noticed me and was approaching.

“Ya Sfebe sidle imali yami”
“Mina mangiyiso, what is this little girl going to do to you”
“where’s your boyfriend, does he know you here.”
“he knows and he gave me money without sex, he wouldn’t need to buy my affection”
“Yazi he was lucky bengizolimaza umtshele” you gotta be kidding me Sean could run laps on you.
“Hey girl, word of advice he is going to force himself on you if you don’t go home with him. Last week I was nearly in trouble but I got saved.’’ I left and returned to VIP section when I got to the table I mentioned my passage experience to Nthabi who agreed she won’t attack him or go after him. The night continued and I was determined to leave here being crowned queen of the dance floor, I even got called by the DJ to request a song. I was living for the night. Around 2am I decided to wrap the party with my crew because I was feeling the fatigue kicking in. they were all in agreeance on our drive back I decided to stop at the garage to fill up on gas and the ladies decided to buy food and drinks. A white Citi golf pulled in the next pouring station and I heard a familiar voice say my name.

“Nomasonto Intombi iyangipula intliyo yami.” oh, wow there he is Cyprian Dludlu, my high school crush and fuck boy.
“Oh Cy, unjani buthi, kwakhuhle ukukubona” he came closer and gave me a warm hug.
“Ufike nini lana edolobheni.”
“I moved about two weeks ago, ngizofuna umsebenzi and make a living on my own”
“That’s interesting, listen here are my numbers, give me a call so we can hang out soon” he gave a business card, he is a graphic designer. We hugged and my troop was walking towards the car. He left.
“Noma, sonamadoda phela manje” Nthabi is such an instigator of shit.
“Cyprian is a friend from high school nothing more guys”

It’s been a month since I bumped into Cyprian and we are on our third date, I thought we were going to take things slow but once we started revisiting the old memories it became comfortable and natural. This weekend he is taking me to a braai and he will be showing me off to his friends. Nthabi and the girls think we are rushing, but also feel that they going to lose me because I hardly go out with them on weekends. But they are happy for me, which is important because they are my family. My parents are coming to visit later in the week because they want to see if I’m safe and everything is according to their standards I told Nthabi to be prepared and to warn the girls because my parents would be upset if they knew I’m now a party girl. I got a job interview for a clerk position at a boutique at the local mall and it’s on Tuesday I haven’t even decided on what to wear.

“Nthabi, can you take me shopping tomorrow’’
“For eng?’’
“I want a dress for the interview that I’m having on Tuesday, I mean I don’t have anything that says hire me I’m right for the job”
“How much money do you have left before your parents give you more on Thursday”
“About R3k.”
“That’s enough we will go, I can come and pick you by 2pm”
“Thanks, boo.”
“Have you told Cyprian about your parents coming?”
“No, I don’t think he needs to know, besides my dad wouldn’t be pleased with the fact I’m seeing guys.” I can already imagine my father shouting ‘Nomasonto! he is not royalty we want royalty’
“Just hope there won’t be nasty surprises on Thursday.” We, not a serious couple, so I don’t think he should meet my parents for now until our relationship goes for a longer period.

It’s 8am and there is a knock on the door, why are they early I went to open the door.
“Cy ufunani lana so early, aren’t you supposed to be at work’’
“I thought I should bring my girl breakfast.”
“Ndoda you can’t be here. I need you to leave”
“I can’t explain to you yet.” There goes another knock on the door.
“So kukhona omunye omele”
“It’s not like that. Dude please leave or play along”
“I’m not going, I’m going to confront your little boy” he opens the door violently and there is my father.
“Nomasonto!” oh shit.


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