Chapter Four

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher

“if you play your part, as IEPD political party we will make you our first female president”
“The offer sounds tempting, however, it won’t look good on my husband and I would be betraying AFNCC”
“We are not saying give out party secrets, what we are saying is help us bring down your husband so that he doesn’t become elected as president. We have evidence, however, we believe you can collect the puzzle pieces together and get the ball rolling.”
“Let me think about it, I mean it won’t be easy betraying the man I love”
“I thought you were putting on a performance of your marriage to the public.”
“As much as I want to be the premiere of two cities and rule with a different agenda. This is a man who has opened doors for me, loyalty goes a long way”
“Then maybe we are talking to the wrong person”
“I’ll do it. I believe it’s time for a new challenge”
“We will send our files to your office tomorrow morning and we expect a progress report in two months’ time”
“And will I be compensated? I mean you can promise me a crown but royalty doesn’t live on title”
“You will receive R270K end of each month and after two months when you have presented
A progress report you will be given R700K”
“R270K is little money to me, after all, I’m the wife of the most likely to become president. R400K sounds reasonable, besides the IEPD receive multiple funding from abroad.”

I can’t believe I just signed a deal that can not only end my life but end my family, as much as I have regret about it a part of me is excited, I’m ready to conquer the world and if it means I stab the man I’m married to, it must happen, I have two degrees in political studies and political science and a Ph.D. in political analysists from Harvard. I’m more educated and qualified than some political party veteran who feels they deserve a position. As much as I love playing the wife of a future president I have goals too. I got into the car and headed to the house. I needed something strong. On my drive, I decided to call an acquaintance for drinks.
“Hi Lerato, Are you busy right now”
“Hi Angelique, I’m never busy for you what can I help you with”
“Can we meet at house say in an hour’s time”
“Should I bring something, anything?”
“Yourself and Vodka”
“alright it then”

I got home and took a hot shower and slipped into something casual and comfortable had Susan our live-in-maid to make finger foods. I got a call from my good friend in the IEPD Zanele.

“Zee, Yes darling.”
“So rumor has it you may be part of project O. It seems you might be the leader of it”
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Bitch don’t play with me, you know I’m married to the C.F.O and I’m head of projects and your Swiss offshore account is on my list.”
“You are brave, listen we will talk soon”
“Thanks, love”

After the phone call, a bell noise went off. Susan went to the door and opened for my guest.
We greeted each other, and proceed to the poolside where the food was ready and we could sit outside. We had small talk about our careers and plans, it was great. But things became serious once she started asking what was the purpose of the visit.
“Bring the vodka then I’ll let you know”
We opened the bottle and poured it into the six shot glasses and we proceeded to drink the first three.
“Woah, take it easy we are no longer young and recovering from a hungover is difficult”
“You need to take your three because you going to have to swallow the news I’m about to give you” she took her shots.
“IEPD has employed me to help them sabotage Sean in the running for his presidential campaign and I accepted the offer under the basis that I’ll become female president of IEPD and that will make me the first female president”
“WOW! Andiswa yimi lapho, you did what?” did she call me with that name, agrh I hate that name. “Are you for real? Tell me you are joking; do you really want a war because not only will there be a divorce, ANFCC will try to come after you”
“I’m not done, drink these two shots before I finish telling you.” She takes the shots.
“They know about you and the other two females that have been involved with Sean and know that you guys have information that could not only humiliate him but expose him. I’m tasked to collect all of it and present it to them”
“No Angelique, you can’t do that, you know that I haven’t told her about her dad and I’ll be criticised by the company”
“I have decided to take the deal, I wanted to let you know so that you can start preparing for the worst, I’ll be sending money to your account from an offshore account for you to have money floating for our security.”
“Angelique why you are doing this?”
“I want this. I’m well educated and deserving of this opportunity.”
It’s my time.


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