Chapter One

“Next stop, Park Station.” The train intercom announces. I still don’t know why agreed to come to Johannesburg and help this lady but she is generous enough to pay for all expenses even accommodation. She didn’t specify exactly why she needs help from me but she says I’m an interest in something she is working on. She asked if I could come and stay for the next three weeks and she will compensate me if I’m losing out on a salary pay. I agreed because Sis’ Nwabisa’s spa and salon do not have many customers daily and some days no-one comes. Which is a shame she employed professionals like me I got my qualifications from the top beauty school in Port Elizabeth. So, after I got the call I applied for immediate leave and packed my bags and now I’m here. When I called my mom to tell her that I’m going to Johannesburg for three weeks and gave her sketchy details about the reason for visiting. The only thing she said was “Nomasonto don’t go look for trouble because you know trouble can find you” but I wasn’t going to look for him, I’ve moved on from him but it’s not easy to close that chapter.

“Now Arriving at Park Station” I felt nervous when I saw the doors opened because I knew I was taking a step into the unknown, I mean I don’t know Johannesburg, yes, I know this sounds reductive however, this is my first experience and I hope I get to go to all the places I read about. I’m twenty-six-year-old; I’m young with no major responsibility like a baby. But let’s see what these three weeks have installed for me. “Excuse me, are you lost?” whoa, did I zone out whilst I was sitting down. I didn’t even notice that someone was sitting next to me. “No, I’m not lost; I’m just exhausted a bit so I’m trying to gain some energy before I go to a friend’s house” I smiled and extended my hand to indicate a handshake. He caught on “I’m David”, “I’m Nomasonto” I noticed that there is a gentleman that has my name and surname on a board. “Well I guess my time is up, there is a guy looking for me.” I got up and took my bags “Can I get your numbers?” he took out his phone I put in my numbers and left. I got into the car and called my hostess. “Sawubona Sisi, thank you for the pickup car and everything so far’’ “It’s not a problem Noma, just make sure you are relaxed and I’ll see you tonight at eight pm, I’ll be hosting a get together dress for the event.” Wow, she is so generous. I must be important. “It’s not a problem, thank you Sisi, I’ll see you later than bye” I arrived at Protea Hotel which is in Sandton, it’s amazing I’m in awe of everything, this lady must be some executive or maybe she is born from royalty. I got into my room and called my mother, took a shower and opened a book, I’ve been reading “Ingami” a story about a twenty-year-old named Mandisa she talks about her childhood friendships, Prostitution and her husband who married her when she was 17. I hope this isn’t a true story for anyone out here because that would be devastating to know that at a young age she saw her friends and in-laws dealing with substance abuse. I got up at six pm from reading and dressed up. I’m wearing this little black dress which I bought for myself after my first paycheck it was worth the R1500. With this LBD I’ve managed to steal hearts and people’s boyfriends, I don’t blame myself for being a promiscuous girl, I have learned a lot about this game called love, it’s not easy and it’s not for the fainthearted. I wish I knew this game five years ago. When I met him.

I was twenty-one year’s old just moved from Mthatha to the city in pursuit of a job and a better life. My parents are from royalty but not so wealthy but they never struggled and they understood that life was not going to be easy on a graduate so they would normally send me R5k for my expenses, lucky enough my flatmate went to beauty school with me and she offered me the room once I told her about moving. Rent was R2300 which isn’t bad considering that we not in any average flat building and the space for a two-room bedroom is big. Nthabiseng, I don’t know much about her but I know she is a socialite around the neighborhood and who she is a hustler, I don’t even know why she attended beauty school because she
was a prodigy of some A-list make-up stylists that have done tons of celebrities from Khanyi Mbau to Simphiwe Dana. She said she needed the qualifications as a back-up.

“So, Noma since you’ve moved in. Do you want to go out to the club, I can get us to VIP entrance and drinks all night”. “oh no I’m definitely down for that idea, I mean if I don’t pay for anything I’m glad.” Yes, I’m that cheap friend, but who doesn’t have a job yet. “but I don’t have a dress for it” “oh girl don’t worry we can go to the mall I know a shop where you can get an affordable outfit that looks expensive” oh wow I’m loving Nthabiseng, she is a survey girl. We got changed and headed to the mall and she wasn’t joking, this shop had everything you can imagine but at a lower price, I was attracted by a fusion color mini dress but Nthabiseng complained that it would be too much for her and the club lights, I agreed with her I mean the last time I was ever at a club was the after party of my Matric dance and that wasn’t a fun experience. “uyabona ke le Noma ithi ndisex me now buthi” she said this whilst modelling a black mini dress. I was surprised that she knows the Xhosa slang and she had an accent for it. “ndiyijongile sana ewe yintle yona kodwa iyangifanela?” “Go to the fitting rooms you’ll see its perfect” I went and change into it. The guys who were in the stores couldn’t keep their eyes off me “Jonga leCherri mfana ihlula uBoity” I smiled and gave a little hand wave to them. When Nthabi saw how good I looked she was shook “sewu kisibunu sesi-stout!” I mean I know I’m gifted but I don’t like flaunting it that much. “I guess this is it then, the dress for tonight,” I said that and we were headed back to the house, mugged ourselves to perfection then headed straight to the club. We got there, it was some trendy club, I saw this by the cars that were parked outside. I know by the end of the night I’ll leave here with a guy with money. I won’t do married man that’s so revolting I mean it’s like me sleeping with my father that’s just disgusting. Nthabi is the” it” girl, we meet up with a group of her party friends and she was rubbing shoulder with the manager of the club. I’m keeping this girl in my life forever. The night went and the drinks were flowing we were dancing and I had fun. Some guys came and passed but I wasn’t interested but there was some guy with money who came and I thought I’ll entertain him. We had more drinks and we ended talking but he was starting to be a jerk he was kissing me nonstop which was starting to be a problem. At 3am when we decided to go I made it clear to this guy that he isn’t going home with me and I’m not leaving with him. He started harassing me and I kept pushing him away. Out of nowhere came my hero. “Bra, leave this girl, clearly akakufuni” “Tsek yewena nkwenkwe ndini ungenaphi kulendaba yethu” it was getting hectic between these two I stepped away. “Thembalihle andihambi nawe” I looked at him “uthini sefebe ndini udli Mali yami owuhambi nami” did he call me a bitch? “Jonga laButhi andikucelanga ukuthi ubeYimoney bank yami ngwe ozekimi” he got aggressive and raised his hand but superman punched him and knocked him out “iyoh” I was gobsmacked. “sorry, it’s just I don’t do well with guys who are like him towards any female” who is he is all I could think of, when he was talking, thixo wami, his voice, his smile, his looks and his body. I thought have seen hot guys but this one I can say without a doubt God created him on the 8th day he made sure he was a masterpiece “Uhm, hello m I boring you or you thinking about something else.” “oh no sorry buthi I’m just thinking ukuthi if you didn’t show up what would have happened to me and my virginity” oh my God I can’t believe I said that out loud. “Oh wow. I’ve never heard that come up during a first encounter. I didn’t get your name” “oh Ndingu Nomasonto” I extended my hand to shake his. “I’m Sean”


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