Chapter Seven


“Angie, this is a surprise. I didn’t expect this.”

“Save your excuse little girl, you ignored my call and you knew it’s me”


“Well, since you here and dressed you are ready to come to my private event”

“Event? Uhm I can’t I have to meet up with my friends”

“After the event my dear, I’ll ask Bongani to fetch your car from work after he drops you off at the apartment. But I need to sort out some business before tonight’s event.”

“Angelique what is this about, I mean I don’t have any evidence or files about your husband, remember you made it burn everything.”

“OH, you’ll find out in the next three hours. For now, let’s just enjoy each others company and drink this champagne.”


I don’t know what is going right now and a part of me regrets being part of this woman’s life. It’s great knowing people in high places but it’s hell when they start using you as their puppet. If you are wondering how I got into this mess, it’s simple I was a journalist for the New Era paper working in the politics section. The senior editor of the section Papa Ray gave me a piece to do on Sean, a source brought a file to the headquarters in the report it claimed that the Sean had to merge an illegal gun trading & transportation deal between a group of chiefs from KZN & Eastern Cape. This was at the time he was still the AFNCC youngest chief whip. As a journalist, I knew this was going to be my biggest break that will put me in front of investigative journalism but I might be swimming in shark waters so how do I approach this matter? I went to speak Ntate Ray and find out why me and how.

“Can I come in?’’

“Yes, Lindiwe my daughter, what can I help you with?”

“My assignment, I have questions?”

“I choose you because you have fire, and It needs someone like you who has the spirit of determination”

“But how do I kick off this investigation.”

“What you normally do, but you are now going into dangerous territory so you need to be careful who you talk to, double check your contacts and travel under the radar.”

“I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

“Lindiwe, listen, make sure you don’t have loose ends and whatever you do, do not make your presence felt in Sean’s life. He’ll remove you with no hesitation.” As much as I’m supposed to be scared by that warning, it means nothing to me, I’m fearless and I love exposing corruption and finding the truth. I immediately got home and started making a storyboard and with the information of the file It directed me to Durban, I thought about leaving but I needed to see my friend Tevin who works for the opposition party to see if his cabin is aware of this or not and hear if there is anything on the grapevine.


“Hey Tevin, what’s going on tonight?”

“What a surprise Lindi, nothing much”

“So, can we meet up at Ratz?”

“But kids go there and I’m not looking for a ben 10.”

“Bitch I’m paying.”

“Well then, I’m available to see you then.”





“So, what is this, a social call or a business call?”

“Can’t I get you drunk first then let you know why I brought you here”

“Journalists are the biggest trapstars after fuckboys”

“Who made you bitter baby, are you against guys now?”

“You know that I love men, but hate it when they not serious about life”

“Where is your last pet project?”

“Somewhere hoe-ing in Durban, you know Durban July turns a Johannesburg top to a bottom”

“Anyway, can we talk business after we do two rounds of six shots”

“Four shots!”


After we had lube our throats with eight tequila shots, we proceed to having cocktails.

“So why am I here?”

“Is there anyone in your party who is doing a private investigation into Sean Mbele”

“Sean as in Chief Whip and Angelique’s man?”

“That Sean.”

“Not to my knowledge, I’d like to investigate his d…”

“No talk about that, anyway is there anything about him Buzzing through the vine?”

“Nothing, as the party we are currently looking at the ministers of education and water affairs, it seems there is some fund smuggling going through those departments, we obtained that R12mil was transferred from those departments and was labelled as borrowed funds however when you look at the budget for water affairs they have a surplus.”

“That sounds like a juicy catch of the day but I’m not interested in that. Listen, If, you want that story to be published please give it to Dimakatso, not me, I’m working on a new project.”

“Care to share off the record?”

“What I can say is that, if I nail him well, I’ll be one of the baddest reporters in Mzansi”

“Well keep me in the loop if you can, I love the tea.”


After we were done leaving the club I decided to take a quick detour and I ended up at Zakhele’s house. I hooted in front of the gate a couple of times he came out eventually.

“So, you came here because of what?”

“Boy stop playing even though we broke up, we still fucking.”

“But at your own terms.”

“Are you going to send me away or are you going to show me what your gym body can do to me”



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