Chapter three

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher.

It’s Tuesday but it feels like Monday and I’m craving blueberry muffins with hot chocolate. I could be preparing food for tonight, however, I burnt the chicken. My friends are coming over tonight to go out for drinks however I’m not looking forward to picking up drunk people after a night of clubbing. I got a phone call from Prudence “Are we still going out, because I need to hustle Bongani for money” I was shocked “How is it that you are still with Bongani and you know very well he is married”, She later proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t judge her or her decision however I wish she doesn’t continue this road of disappointment. “Is Rose coming with us?” I was curious to know, she responded, “I don’t think so, she is stuck with Mike at work apparently, they are working on a new account with some fashion magazine” Well I was happy she wasn’t coming because the last time we went out she was a mess. “Well, I’ll see you later then.” I hung up, I proceed to check the weather so I could decide on what to wear to work, I love my job because I have flexible hours and I can come into work spend at least five hours and be visible to the management and leave early. I got into the office around 10 am and my new assistant Pat greeted me with my cup of coffee and work schedule, I opened my work laptop and proceed to check my emails and open my browser to go on square space to see how successful my blog is.

here is that annoying voice again
“Yes, Peter” I half smiled.
“It’s a lovely day today, show me your full smile”
“Peter, I don’t have your files ready but by three pm they will be on your desk. You still owe me lunch by the way.”
“Once I have my files we can go downstairs and I’ll get you whatever you like”
I’m behind on a lot of admin work, however, the practical side of work was covered. My plan was not to leave the office at five pm so I knew of one person that I can call in on a favor. I called my assistant’s office
“Yes Pat, please call Charles and tell him there are Peter files here and I’m calling in a favor he owes me.”

I proceed to respond to a couple of emails and head over to the cafeteria to see what’s for lunch. I hope we are having some salads because I can’t do with soup today. I noticed Mme Gertrude wasn’t her normal self-today so I tried to cheer her up when I got to the counter.
“Mme, is your son still single?”
“Awoa Lindi, you can’t do that” she started smiling.
“Are you well, Kebona you are distracted”
“Ketlaba right nana, just take care of yourself okay? I prepared a salad for you because I know you can’t do a soup today”
“Ngiz’mthola kuphi omunye uMama ongithanda njengawe”
I took the salad and went to the staff room, had lunch and went for a smoke.

It’s three pm and I’m muscling through the last pile of admin work I need to do. As much as I try to focus my mind is focused on tonight and free drinks. I decide to call Neo, he is one of my diva friends and hey you can trust gay people on fashion advice.

“Hey baby girl, what can I do for you”
“I need an outfit for club sway”
“Oh wow, what time should I drop it off at the office.”
“How fast can you get here”
“In an hour’s time. Bye”

Great, so the outfit is sorted now I need to get out here at four pm. The phone starts ringing.
“Yes, Pat.”
“I have Angelique on the phone for you on the line should I put her through?”

What the hell does she want from me, I mean we have spoken already and it was a no, I’m not going to work with her or for her.
The notification sound of an SMS went off “WE NEED TO TALK, SEE ME”
I deleted the message and focused on my work until Neo arrived.

“Thanks, love, you are amazing”
“When are you going to set up with a guy from here, I mean they look amazing”
“They all straight Neo”
“They all straight but once you give them head they bend”
“NEO, leave”

Disgusting. I wrapped up and four thirty I was out. I left Pat with some little admin work. Normally I’d take the stairs but I used the elevator to go to the parking basement. I was approaching my car but from the corner of my eye, I saw a black BMW car and the doors opened when I was closed. I saw a face that I know.
“Get in”


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