Chapter two

Copyright: Haus Of Kaystopher

“What is it Thembi?”
“Mrs Luthuli’s assistant called, she wants the sample pieces at 3pm today”
“What! This bitch is crazy, tell her assistant that the samples will be back from the factory at three, I’ll
have them dropped off at her office in the morning so she can see them, and Thembi handles this. “

Work has become hectic these past two weeks we are gearing up for the style expo. If it’s not the chemical lab, it’s the design department; I sometimes wonder why I chose to become an operations manager. Well, I work for one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world and since they have branched out to South Africa we are placed third in South Africa for cosmetics just behind of Mac.
“Lerato, where are the print layouts for…” I handed them to Jazmine before she could complete her sentence. “Girl, you definitely know its crunch time and you always a step ahead. Thanks love” I just can’t wait for knock-off time. “Lerato” Thembi again, I love Thembi she is a darling and gets her job done, however, she is always coming in looking for a second opinion from me. “Yes T,” “There is anonymous on the phone for you, she says it’s something personal and needs to talk to you urgently.” Who is this? “Put her through” I shouted, moved to my desk and picked up the phone.”
“Lerato here, Hello”
“Hello Lerato, I’m sure by the sound of my voice, you know who this is.” “Yes, what can I do for you?”
“Can you meet me at my penthouse apartment around eight pm and dress for the part, my dear.” “Is this regarding what we spoke about” She hung up on me. I hope it isn’t.

“It seems like you’ve seen a ghost, is everything alright Lerato?” “Oh, sorry Thembi, I’m fine my dear.
Listen can you get one of the interns to get me an evening dress, in red, white and black. Steamed and to be left on the couch. I need to go over to Naserc expo center and see the layout for the pop-up and go over some items. Also, please see if another intern can run my errands and pick up Kgotlelelo from aftercare. I’ll be back here before 6pm then we can have our briefings and you will be dismissed.” She says boss lady and steps out. I pick up my bag and everything I need and jolt through Jozi traffic to make it to the south of Jozi. The venue wasn’t much of an annoyance besides what we go through with the people who are setting up the pop-up and electrical setting. “Listen the event is in the next five days so we have to bring it and even though there other five companies, we can dominate the space we have and make it look sickening.” Luvuyo is my little gay boy who is responsible for the social media parts of PR, he knows what the kids like, he is there being a doll by bringing me something to eat and drink and he is helping with the setting. I left and headed to sorbet for a quick session and got back to the office at half past five went into briefing and by six I was done.
“Boss lady, everything is ready for you. Your car has been taken in for service like you requested. I have
ordered a car to pick you up at 18:30 anything else?” “Kiss Lihle and Nokuthula for me when you arrive home.” “Not a problem, Night”
I called Maxine, she is really has been a good girl to me if I needed a shoulder or a friend to support me. She is there.
“Mosadi uBusy?”
“Kenali Kyle chomi is it urgent?”
“Kyle? That’s a white boy, what are you doing nomlungu manje”
“Since my best friend can’t get me a ticket for Durban July, Kyle etlaba my yonkito”
“friend, okay girl. Umm listen the Boss call and has requested that I should see her in the next two
hours, I don’t know what it is about but I just wanted to let you know.”
“Mosadi please text on WhatsApp when you get there tleng so I can know the deal.”

Throughout the car ride, I couldn’t help thinking why am I being called to this function, I mean the last time I spoke with her, she was planning to not only ruin her marriage but her husband’s reputation. If she goes ahead with what she has planned she could lose out on a lot. I just hope it’s not. It would be foolish I mean I tried to break them up and I had nothing to lose to expose them, I would have been given thousands of rand if I went to the press but we met and spoke woman to woman and she pulled some strings for me and I’m now an operations manager. I mean I wouldn’t get this position with a degree in hospitality management, I’m not proud that I entered from through connections or a backdoor but Mosadi should do whatever for her and her family to eat. But that was years ago and I’ve grown and completed a degree in management through UNISA. I got home to find my mom dishing up and my angel doing her homework. She is in grade six and she is class captain. I’ve been invited to the prize-giving to her school; she isn’t so excited about it because she is hoping she gets an invite for the leadership awards. She aims to be head girl. She just like her father. I sometimes wonder my child was conceived in sin and hate but her spirit is a warrior.
“Mme wa Kgotle. I can see you won’t be staying with us for supper work function?” my mom is nosy. “No mam, it’s a personal affairs function. She called and asked to see tonight” my mom begins to worry
“Kgari motho ona ubatlang. You see once someone washes your hands you have to wash theirs in return” true.
“Mama retlabona unya’ka eng, I’ll talk to you once I return I just need to take a shower and order an Uber ride and make my way to her apartment.”
I went into my bedroom and headed to the en-suite bathroom and took a shower, got dressed. “Hey Mama” she walked in whilst I was putting on my shoes. “How’s my favorite cover girl.” “Ag mom, Cover girl really? You think low of me, maybe Forbes Africa” she is very ambitious. “Well, I’m sorry.” “Listen I needed to talk to you about something that’s personal” what could it be? “Today I became a woman” I became a woman? What is she saying, “Nana be specific” “Mama Blood flow” oh my God not today.


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