“Sean, please don’t forget our babies are coming to town end of the week”

“How long are they staying?”

“Two weeks then they are going their separate ways until they need to go back in June”

“Maybe I can take uSizwe for my business trip then you and Lihle can have quality time”

“I was thinking of having a family weekend away”

“I think not. We don’t need to fool the kids, we just need to fool the world”

“Sean, I’m trying to save the little we have. Why can’t you work with me?”

“Angel, baby it’s life.”

“Sean, I have never done you wrong but you, you fuck around and get your hoes pregnant and I clean up your mess” he starts taking his keys.

“Don’t wait up”


Then I’ll get a call from Thandiswa (his assistant) telling me where Sean is and if he is coming back. I’m tired of Sean and this routine it’s draining me. But that’s what some politician wives go through, the marriage is a smoking mirror and you as a woman don’t want to let go because it will look bad on the woman, not the man, you become a walking joke in the eyes of people. Some wives in the party are part of groups and some share what they have gone through, I remember when Thulisile came to one of our gatherings in tears, she was so destroyed that her husband had another wife, life and children. I remembered what my mother said after I found Sean in bed with some whore, “Ntombintana yami Vala ihlazo ungaliveze ngoba ibonisa ukuthi umuzi wakho awukwazi ukuwophata.” Hence, I’m the one when Lerato came to my house with the intention to break my marriage, I sorted it. When the journalist Lindiwe came snooping for information I sorted that too. Every Sep the 22nd we renew our wedding vows and every year Sean tells the same lie, “I will honour, respect and love you” I look for that those vows in days like this, however now that I have been given an opportunity to become a threat to him and his career, it pleases me, a scornful woman’s revenge can be the deadliest. My phone rang and I saw it was Zee.


“Darling, yes it’s you”

“Darling where are you, we are meeting for lunch”

“Just running late, our usual spot?”

“Yes.” I got dressed and headed to Houghton.


“So, we need to talk.”

“Yes. Because I also have questions” “How hungry are you for this revenge”

“I’m not looking for vengeance, this has nothing to do with anything personal, it’s about me and showing that I have what it takes to run a country. I’m way qualified then, Sean”

“But you are willing to destroy your marriage for a title ship?”

“President of this country isn’t just a title, besides it’s up to him when I become president does he join me or pack his stuff and leave. It’s simple”

“I know that you guys were in some arguments but I didn’t think it would be this tense, you have guts to do this and I fully admire you”

“So, friend tell me, boJamie are they serious about making me head of the party because I don’t want to destroy my life for a couple of millions.”

“From what I am hearing, everything is set in place for you, you just need to deliver, just don’t forget me when you call the shots baby’’

“I could never, a toast to us women who are making their dreams a reality”


“I noticed you didn’t sleep here izolo, where you out and about with someone, I should know of?” “Sean, I decided to go to my apartment after I had a late supper with Zee, Plus I thought you need to enjoy your house without the fighting”


“Unlike you, I honour my vows, even though now they mean dust to you. I don’t want to fight, the kids will be here in the next two hours, so I need to cook.”

“Angelique, baby do you still love me?”

“is that a trick question?”

“You don’t touch me, you don’t look at me”

“How am I supposed to sleep with a man who sleeps with any skirt, how am I supposed to look at a man who has killed me inside and never apologises? How? How?”

“Then why you here?”

“Because I have invested so much in you that I know my rewards will be triple times more, plus you need me, the prenup is still in my favour. You don’t want the elders of the party to look at you and be ashamed.”


“Now allow me to cook food for our family and play along. I’ll sleep on the floor, you can keep the bed.”


He headed to his office with a glass of whiskey, I continued with my Greek three-course meal. I can’t wait to see Lihle and Sizwe, I remember when I adopted Lihle, she was the biggest blessing, after I lost my second child the doctor declared that I have become infertile, Sizwe will remain my first miracle baby. Sizwe studied sports management but now he is studying biochemistry, Lihle is a defence attorney who is now working on her P.H.D in criminology. She has dreams of being a supreme court judge and I’m so glad to see her dream big. My phone went off and I saw it was Jamie.


“Jamie, Hi how are you”

“Hi Angelique, just wanted to check in with you, any progress?”

“Not much but I’ll let you know when something picks up, how is Lizel?”

“She is great thanks.”

“Listen, I’m busy cooking supper but tell Lizel I’ll await her invite for high tea, bye.”

I felt violate push directly up against the fridge door, my head screamed pain.

“What the hell are you doing talking to the enemy team, especially Jamie”

“let go of me you beast.”

“So what are you doing now, sleeping with the enemy?”

“I live with the enemy in my owner house Sean so what’s new?”

“Don’t play with me, you don’t want me to..”

“To hurt me? You’ve done it already, now you’ll be doing it physically”

“Tell me what are you doing with the enemy team”


“Funny only now you take an interest in what I do because I could be a threat to you”


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