Chapter Nine

“Sawubona Baba”

“Who is this boy?” my dad’s anger is slowing loading.

“It’s Nthabiseng’s brother Tata, he was dropping off breakfast for us before he heads to work.”

“Oh, I nearly had a fright.” I welcomed in my parents and laid the tray down and started serving tea. Cy was on the couch looking scared for his life.

“So uhm, I have to go”

“Not a problem. Cy, I’ll let you sister know you came, see you later.” He said goodbye to my parents and left.

“So, when are we seeing Nthabiseng?”

“She promised to be here around lunchtime, is the tea okay mama?”

“It’s a bit bitter but I know here in the city you buy tea bags, so I can’t expect quality.”

“I’m sorry mama, we will look for a tea shop later today and we can get quality. Tata, I missed you, how’s everything eKhaya” I love being a daddy’s girl, I get special preferences and I’m spoiled.

“Kulungile ntombi yami, we miss you especially your cousin uSindiswa, you have to come home and visit we must start looking for a husband.”

“Tata!” he annoys me whenever we get into courtship matters. Well, that’s the downfall from being born into royalty. I was about to say something, but my mom got ahead

“Baba, don’t you think we should give our daughter a chance of being independent and build herself before marriage because she still needs to learn how to cook” she laughs after saying that.

“I can cook Ma; besides you will live longer to teach me how to cook ukudla kwesintu and my children.”

My dad checks his watch. Which means he is waiting for something or he is leaving.

“Tata, how about you give me the bank card and let’s meet back here at 3pm so you can meet Nthabiseng and we will go for a late lunch.”

“Yazi nina boMame ne mali.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He kissed my mother and left.

“Mama there is a place eTown that has your name written all over the curtains.”

“What are we still doing here Noma asambe.’


We found an Indian tea shop that sells authentic teas and my mom was in awe of it, she even convinced the tea makers to deliver two boxes to me and three to her directly, she is that bossy and gets it all. I don’t want to say much about the curtain shop because that became such a mess we had to call two cars to load all the new silk and Egyptian Cotton curtains, I don’t know when she is going to show off the curtains to all the wives back home, but I know she will. That’s my mother for you. I called my dad and Nthabiseng to let them know we on our way back home.


“So Nthabi, I didn’t know you had an attractive young brother and he is Xhosa”

“I do!!?”

“Yes Cy, we met him this morning when we arrived this morning”

“oh, Cyprian he is my cousin actually, but I call him my brother, he went to the same school as Noma” I choked on the orange juice and looked at my father. My mom was impressed by this new discovery.

“is he Cyprian Dludlu?” My dad asking curiously.

“Ewe Tata Nguye.”

“Well, he was going to be my in-law however my princess knows better than she needs to find a royal, blood and not ordinary person” here he goes about marrying royalty, I decided to shut him down.


“I don’t think it’s a bad thing marrying a commoner, besides no-one has had bad luck with being with a commoner, those relationships are genuine and not arranged, have a successful rate in long time, for example take Letta Mbuli & Caphius Semenya those two are still together and they not royalty or arranged” My dad was taken aback by what I said

“Our Daughter has a point Baba, however, I understand amasiko ethu say another.  Enough about marriage, baby girl you still needs to learn about independence, Nthabi, how is our girl as your roommate, is she neat and tidy?”

“Your daughter is a delight, I’m messy because I bring work home all the time and hardly get the sleep but when I do, she still makes sure everything is organized for me.” I smiled, I never thought I’d hear such coming from Nthabiseng. She is normally the rough ball and I’m delicate naïve plazi girl. My parents smiled at me.


The waiter came to our table and informed me that I’m being requested to the manager’s office, we were all surprised

“What is this about?”

“Mam, the manager has requested you, I believe it’s regarding your job application” But I don’t remember applying here. Well I assured my parents maybe they are informing me that I have a job nothing major, I’ll be back

I was escorted to the office at the back and It seems that I interrupted a meeting.

“Sir, Noma is here”

“Oh, there is my sweetheart gents, MaSonto I didn’t know you brought your parents over for lunch, you should have told me that, I would go to a different lunch place” Wow it’s Superman in the flesh, I didn’t think I’d seem him again.

“Hawu Baba, I mean they showed up to my place this morning unexpectedly, tried calling you but you reminded me that you’ll be busy the whole afternoon” I greeted his business colleagues, he then introduced me to them individually.

“So, Mike, my in-laws are eating for free, they are not paying this time”

“Yes, anything for you and the lovely Nomasonto.”

“Gentlemen, I need to leave before I bump into my future father in law and I need to speak to speak to Noma quickly, thanks” we left through the back exit.

“So, what was that about and Hi Sean”

“Can’t explain yet, will you have dinner with me in about four hours, I’ll have a car pick you up and wear a long dress look amazing and play along will you, you will save me a lot if you do. Besides, you owe me a favour after I saved you” Is this a date or am I a call girl? This guy.

“Well Sir, I don’t have the cash for new clothes so how will I find a new dress?” he handed me his card and wrote down the pin on my arm.

“I can’t stay long, but I’ll call you.” He proceeded to enter the car.

“How do you know my number?”

“I tore up your CV that you left at one of my friend’s business place. Bye”


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