Chapter Ten

“Will the father of the baby be joining us at this checkup or?”
“No, the father is not present.” I saw her side-eyeing the other nurses, it’s like she is telling them, here is another one.
“Let me get the sonar machine and Dr Masemola will be in shortly”

It’s my first visit, to be honest, I’m sad it’s this way, I was really hoping Sean would come but he meant his word, It’s been a while since we were in contact, and every time I call Selena she gives me the run around “He is in a meeting, I’ll have him call you after hours” I realized this was going to be end of a lot of things for me like how my business will go on halt because I won’t getting catering tenders like I used to, I might as well..
“Lerato, how are you, my dear, I see it our first scan”
“I’m well thanks, doctor, it is, and I just want to see if everything is well.”
“Okay relax, the gel that I’m going to apply is cold so be prepared and then we will see your amazing bundle of joy” He proceeds to apply the gel and move the sonar scanner, I was nervous to see my baby.
“Can you hear this beautiful strong heartbeat?” he zoomed in on the screen, I smiled.
“I see you are going on the fourth month, why haven’t you seen a GP or Gynae yet, there is a lot of medication you need to take to keep the baby healthy and growing?”
“I was going through some problems with the father of the child and work, however, I will admit it I’ve neglected my health, however, I’m ready to take of things”
“You are lucky that this pregnancy has not had complications because if you didn’t do right from the beginning you’d be in trouble by now, I’m going to give loads of medication, this just helps in securing the best pregnancy ever, besides you want the best for your firstborn.”
“Thank you, Doc, I’ll take the meds religiously” he then proceeds to give me information on support groups and pregnancy classes I could attend and the best gynae doctor I must attend (In his words).

I felt hopeful after the visit, hopeful that I can do this, I’m ready to bring life into this chaotic world. I must go back home though, I can’t stay here with how things are becoming, I have lost my source of income, my business is not buzzing as before, a part of me feels like going back is a sign of being defeated however I can’t plan without knowing there is security for my child. I know my mother will help me raise the baby and I can repair what’s left of my life. I decided to go back to the apartment (His apartment) I figured it’s time I go pick up my stuff and the head for Mabopane. I got to the place and my keys weren’t fitting in the locks, when did the locks change? I knock on the door a couple of times and no answer, I called his office line and Selena says he is not around and she isn’t aware of the locks being changed. I kept knocking until I heard a young female voice coming out from the place screaming “Geez I’m coming already” what’s going on. The door finally opens.

“Can I help you Ousi?” who is this teenager in a bikini doing in my man’s apartment.
“You can help me by moving out of the way and let me in my house.”
“Why would I let you in, plus it’s Sean’s crib and I moved in here last week so again who are you?”
WOW. I can not believe this.
“I’m Lerato”
“Oh, I’m your replacement, you can come in, did you bring a van with you or do I have to call you one?”
This bitch who is she, what in the hell is going on?
“You could never replace me.”
“You couldn’t keep a man, so let’s stop the sassy talking, be civil because this is awkward, your stuff is packed already in the spare room you must just take and leave.” Oh, my fucking hell, this can not be happening today. I walked in went to the kitchen poured myself a glass of water.
“Well make yourself at home since it was your home”
“Where is Sean?”
“You not entitled to know that information anymore” this homewrecker is really trying it.
“I need to talk to him, it’s grown folks’ business
“Nothing grown about pregnancy even a twelve-year-old can get a baby”
“You are trying my spirit and it’s not cute.”
“You need to calm down, can’t be babysitting a hypertensive expecting mother, so is the van downstairs or must I call one?”
“For you? I don’t know, I’m staying here in my man’s apartment until he gets here”
“You not going to make it easy for me aneh? Listen here, Sean is mine, not yours, I’m on birth control pills something you couldn’t swallow down clearly” I slapped her with the back of my hand, her mouth is too big for her body size.
“You lucky I don’t fight back with the past, you beneath me, if you don’t have a van, I’ll call one for you and cover the travelling cost for with my man’s money.” I tried for a second smack, but she defended it and pinned me to the couch, her bony hands were hurting me, she got up and went to the bedroom and came out with her phone, she made calls and then proceeded to the kitchen.
“Are you hungry, I can make you something to eat whilst you wait’’
‘’You think he loves you?”
“What? Love? Girl come on, what would I love a guy who flashes money at me and only sees me after 6pm until 10pm with a ring finger mark? That not love honey, it’s a business transaction. Didn’t you attend university and study hospitality, weren’t you taught supply and demand chain?” She is so damn cocky.
“You know a lot about me, were you studying on about me?”
“Studying? Sorry Honey, my master research has more value than you could., see the difference between us is that I’ve got my own but choose to eat off Sean, it’s convenient and helps save money. Everything I need is mine; your man’s money just gets me my wants and desires” Who is this girl?
“Let me make you a chicken salad, you must be hungry from the checkup.”
“How do you know?”
“He left his phone with me because I need to use it for personal affairs. After that, you can leave.”
I won’t lie and say her chicken was bad, it was decent, but I finished my plate because I was damn hungry, the moving guys arrived and hauled everything to the van, when I was about to leave, she gave me an envelope”
“Here, it’s from Sean, he said I must give it to you when you come pick up your stuff. Good luck. Have a good life.”


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