Chapter Twelve

I contacted Daniel, my realtor and started looking for another apartment. I need to find a place where I can immediately start working on my assignment, I specifically did mention that the apartment must be within my feeder zone. I don’t want to be suspicious or far away from home. He called me later to confirm that he has viewings arranged for me in the next two days. In this time, I can focus on spending time with my princess since the boys left Monday. Today we went shopping, she helped me with admin work then we bought Chinese takeaways. During dinner, the conversation was centred around school, her social life and work.
“So, are you so busy that you not looking for the one or you have someone?”
“I don’t believe in the one, to be honest, I mean there is someone who you can meet build a future with and make it happen but that’s not your soulmate is it? Like how papa is not yours” I choked on the wine after she that.
“Lihle, my love what makes you think your father isn’t the one for me”
“Mama I’m sorry to say this, but I know about the other woman in papa’s life”
“Lihle, I honestly think you are wrong” what does she know and how?
“Remember last year in September when he flew all the way to see me at NYU and spend three days before leaving for Chicago and spending a week his son. The second night of the visit, we went out for just casual drinks and food. Papa gave me his wallet and said I call him a cab to take him to the hotel, I offered to take him, but he insisted on not, then he left the bar with his wallet he forgot his phone in my bag. I went to the hotel to deliver it, but before getting to his room, I saw a woman going in and I thought it wasn’t the right time, I tried waiting for him, but they took time, so I left it at the front desk with the instruction to give him”
“Maybe it was Selina honey” drinking a huge gulp of wine
“Mama stop defending this man, it’s not the first time we’ve (Sizwe and I) seen dad with the other woman plus Selina has been with us for almost forever, so we know her from the top of her head to the tip of the toes” I started crying in front of my daughter, I can’t believe Sean could be this careless especially in front of our kids.
“I am sorry Lihle, but we are having some difficulties in our marriage, but we try as much to work on them as we can.”
“Mama there is no difficulties, seems like you’ve made the decision when you stopped wearing your ring since last Christmas.” Which is true, I only put it on for party meetings and events.
“We love the both of you too much and don’t worry we not divorcing, let your father go through this midlife crisis and he will bounce back okay? continue to believe in love, it’s beautiful when you find someone who makes life worth living”

She gave me a hug, we continued to finish our supper and headed to bed. I couldn’t sleep that night because I kept on thinking who is this homewrecker and why don’t I know about her? Is she new or has she been here for long? Is there information about her in the files I got from Zanele’s camp? I wanted to call Selina and ask her if she knows about this new girl, but I thought it was not the right time.







“So how much is the asking price for this penthouse?”
“The owners would like R2.5million for this.” This is the fifth house I’ve seen today but this penthouse fits perfect for me, it’s twenty minutes away from the house, the nearest shopping centre is around the corner and getting to work is thirty minutes.
“The house is aesthetically pleasing and great for hosting an event” Daniel does not need to oversell this house to me, I’m more than impressed with what I am seeing.
“Well Daniel, hoping your schedule is free for the day, we are going to the bank to get that 2.6million, yes the extra 1 million is for you to get me a designer who will change the style of the house.”

He looked pleased. We headed to his office to sign the papers then headed to get the transaction sorted and I told him to deliver my keys (I requested cut keys) at the office by the next Monday. I decided to pay my husband a visit at his workplace since I am a good wife, I bought a picnic basket with me. When I got to the office parking lot I noticed his car isn’t here, but Selina’s car is here. I decided to go in and check what’s going on. Selina saw me walking out of the elevator, she stood up immediately at her desk and sent someone to get me a drink.

“Selina, Unjani Mtase” and I took a sit
“Ma wethu, siphilile ninjani ma”
“Akho nto, Mamela ndifuna ukwazi ukuba uTata ndingamfumana kuphi?” the junior assistant returned with the tray.
“uTata akhekho, upumile okwamanje”
“Business or pleasure?” I looked at her dead in the face.
“Business Ma.”
“Selina stop calling me Ma, we are in the same age group”
“I am being respectful, is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yes, let’s talk privately in Tata’s office” we got out of her office and went into my husband’s office.

“Selina, notify of the new lady in his life, how long have they been seeing each other, is she at the apartment, status sakhe”
“I can’t give you any information without Sean’s agreement” she kept on texting on her phone, an alert tone went on my phone, I see it’s a message from her. Sean has cameras and microphones in here, I can’t share information here.
“Well just tell Sean, I was here to drop off this picnic basket to have lunch with him” we got out of the office and she accompanied me to the parking lot where she proceeded to give me a brown envelope.

“It has everything you are looking for, promise me you will hide my identity”
“Hawu Sihlobo sami, uyazi nawe ukuthi ngihlale ngimtshela ukuthi kukhona private investigator. Enkosi sthandwa sami, khonze ekhaya” we waved goodbye and I drove back to the house. It’s time to unwind and learn about my competition.

I poured a glass of champagne and opened the file.
“Oh my god”


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