Chapter Thirteen

“So Nthabi, do I look great in this or should I try something else?” I am not feeling too secure about my choice of outfit.
“How about you try the other burgundy dress, this blue dress feels like prom” I tried it and finally it worked now I need to find a shoe that goes with this.
“So what excuse did you give my brother for tonight, I mean it’s the fourth time you’ve to reschedule a date and he really wants you to meet his friends yet you busy here with a sugar daddy.’’
“Sean is not a sugar daddy, he is my superman, a gentleman and he really wants me to be happy and we haven’t slept together.”
“What about your boyfriend, Cyprian?”
“Ubani uCy?” I laughed out loud and tried to get a high five but Nthabi was not on my wave
“Ntombi, lamadoda azokudla uma-sekuphela uzobufuna lona omaziyo ukuthi wangempela uzobe angekho. This game you are trying to play can outplay you”
“Chill Nthabi, I know what to do and besides this weekend uSean is going to KZN and that gives me time to make up for abandoning him. So, I’ve got it now get me matching shoes and do my face”

I got a call around at six-thirty pm, notifying me that my chauffeur will be ready at seven pm. Still unaware of the location but I thought it was romantic. I was late for a couple of minutes, but I mean I had to look good. I got to the airport and I was escorted to a gate D and rushed onto the platform to a private plane and stood on the top stair was Superman.
“Well, this is fancy right?”
“It is; however, I need to know where are we going?”
“Siyalana e CPT next door we will be back by midnight”
“Let me say, this is my first flight, so I am really nervous about this.”
“Don’t worry, you are safe with me.”

He held my hand throughout the smooth flight. I was excited and just over the moon with the fact that there is a man who wants to show me the world, It’s amazing. We got to the airport and we were driven to a private restaurant, I’ve heard that this place is booked for months, next set of an opening is in the new year. He has chosen the menu for us and like he said, “you need to be pampered and spoiled if you are my girl”. I prayed in my heart that this experience could be my forever and not temporary. Dinner conversation was about me and he was interested in getting to know who I am, where I am from etc. the food was so amazing that I asked for seconds in a doggy bag.
“Well, you must be loving this that you have another round.”
“Well, I don’t have money to go to Cape Town and spend thousands on a date now do I?”
“I thought you were royalty?”
“I’m second royalty, my cousin is the first royalty come on, you know who eats on the table and who eats the crumble located on the floor.”
“Well that’s true, I must say I underestimated you just thought you were just another city girl, with looks and who craves the lights”
“Glad to prove you wrong, can we leave, I have to go to work in the morning”
“You work where?”
“Don’t worry yourself.”
“I could take of you” I declined his offer, after the date we flew back to P.E and he dropped me off at my place personally.


I knocked off early and headed to my boyfriend’s apartment, I notified the girls that I’ll be not available and request no calls, I’ve been ignoring him for a couple of days. When I got there, I wasn’t expecting to wait that long because he knocks off before four pm. His phone went to voicemail, I texted him after a while I got a text back saying, “Working late, See you tomorrow.” At first, I thought maybe it would be foolish to jump to conclusion but in the car ride, I kept of thinking of scenarios. Nthabi was shocked when I got in the apartment.

“So, what happened, do you want to talk about it?”
“Not really, he says he is working late and he’ll come over tomorrow.” I went to my room dropped my overnight bag on the floor and threw myself on the bed.
“You can’t be mopping over Cy when you have a businessman at your disposal.”
“I still love Cy, we are still growing and I’m sure Mr. successful has a wife.”
“Well angeke uzodlalwa umfana”
“Well he has been to the mountain, so I know he is a man” Nthabi gave that look
“No silly, I haven’t been there with him”
“Well done. So, let’s go out, celebrate your night off as a girlfriend” I wasn’t feeling it but hey I’m down for an excuse for drinking. I got dressed in a different outfit and go into the cab before going to the club we made a stop to McDonald’s to eat a little before getting smashed. I went through my wallet before paying and released I still have Sean’s bank card I showed Nthabi.
“Do it, eat your daddy’s money”
‘He is not my daddy plus I’m sure he forgot”
“Do it. He’ll call you obviously.” I thought to myself well maybe I try it and see if it won’t hurt.
The pin was correct and the purchase was approved. I and Nthabi giggled. We had our food and off to News Café. The other girls were surprised to see me but were more than delighted to know I’m getting wasted. Dimakatso knew that after a couple of drinks I tear the dance floor. After my two hours of dancing to house music, I went back to the table and checked on my phone for any texts and I saw Sean’s text “Hoping you not planning on gaining weight with McDonald’s, your body is beautiful” I smiled, I asked for water because I need to break the alcohol flow. Anele caught me drinking water and all the girls came running.
“Sorry no water, if you get wasted, it’s pure wasted. Barman get us 8 shots.” Are they crazy I’m not trying to die here? I took four and all was forgiven. The night was too fun and it felt freeing to be alive. Once my vision became a jigsaw puzzle I decided it’s best we call it a rap and we all headed outside to start calling for a cab.

“Chomi isn’t that your name” Nthabi pointing it out to me
“let me get closer to see.” I saw a guy with a sign that said Noma and Co.
We all go into the car without thinking twice. The driver said gave me a gift bag and a bouquet of roses. Nthabiseng took the note and read it out loud.
“To my sweetheart, I’m sorry we didn’t spend time but I promise later today in the afternoon we will spending a weekend away to Kruger National Park love Cy” ahhh my man is sweet. The girls were happy but voiced out their jealousy and wanting to tag along my phone started ringing from a private number.
“Hello Private Caller” the caller breathes.
‘Stop playing with the father of my daughter”


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